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Beef Hot Dogs: The Extras that Make them Extra Special!

When Buying Beef Hot Dogs Wholesale Look for the Extras! In this article we will talk about those extras that make our beef hot dog that extra special. We believe a hot dog should always have premium ingredients, yes, but there are other elements like the snap, amount of meat, allergens, type of casing, added juice […]

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Starting a Hot Dog Catering Business? Go Upmarket with Us

Many people are starting new ventures selling premium sausages from a van, trailer or stall. Street food is particularly trendy nowadays and gourmet sausages are all the rave now. In this blog post we invite you to take a look at a few things prior to ordering big bulks when you’re getting started. If you’re […]

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We Think Our Bacon Frankfurter/Krakauer Sausage is the Best in Town!

Looking for a gourmet bacon hot dog? We Think Our Bacon Frankfurter/Krakauer Hot Dog Sausage is the Best in Town!For more information on our bacon frankfurters please click on the link.Yep, We Love Our Delicious American Hot Dog with a Twist! Customers are raving with the delicious bacon frankfurter! We’ve come up with an irresistible recipe that […]

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Mini Vienna Hot Dog: The Ultimate Party Sausage!

Mini Vienna Hot Dog: The Party Sausage! Cocktails, parties, buffets, charcuterie platters and more. This mini hot dog is just perfect for almost any occasion. Party means mini hot dogs and we’re proud to bring the best quality ones all the way from Germany. What a treat! For more information on mini Vienna hot dogs please […]

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Difference Between Frankfurters, Sausages & Vienna Hot Dogs

Difference Between Frankfurters, Sausages & Vienna Hot Dogs As German hot dog and sausages suppliers in the UK we import a great variety of products. If you take a look at our brochure you would see we’re not short of different types of frankfurters, hot dogs and sausages. It can all get a little confusing… […]

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Vienna Beef Wholesale from The Sausage Man: Attractive Prices!

Vienna Beef Wholesale from The Sausage Man For amazing Vienna beef hot dogs at wholesale prices you need to check out The Sausage Man’s stock. Our range is superb, just look at what our customers say about us so you can get an idea of the quality of our products. Read on for more information.Wholesale Vienna beef […]

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German Sauces Wholesale – Interview with The Sausage Man

Wholesale German Sauces: An Interview with The Sausage Man Who doesn’t enjoy a great curry ketchup sauce with their favourite frankfurter? Yep, we surely do! Find below an interview with The Sausage Man ON what makes them choose their top quality sauces, how their range can look really stylish (they can look incredibly good on the […]

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Our Complete Vegan Product List – 2017

Our Complete Vegan Product List We keep adding great products to our range and as we grow we want to make sure we also cater for the vegan community. This means that our customers can now provide great quality vegan hot dog, sausages and other vegan German products to their customers. Please visit our testimonials […]

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Vegan Hot Dogs Suppliers Discuss Vegan Sausages

Vegan Hot Dog Suppliers Discuss Vegan Sausages: An Interview Our Vegan Hot Dogs: Wholesale Prices, Unbeatable Taste! When it comes to wholesale vegan hot dogs at unbeatable prices we simply stand out. Our beautiful vegan hotdogs come from specialised vegan companies. We are renowned for the premium quality of our products. Just try them out and […]

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