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Exporting Our Hot Dogs & Frankfurters Worldwide

Exporting Our Hot Dogs & Frankfurters Worldwide Our product range has become well known oversees – having been importing good quality hot dogs, Frankfurters and German sausages for a number of years now to the UK we are also supplying demand abroad.Exporting Our Products Worldwide: Europe, USA, Asia & MoreIf your business in need of ‘proper frankfurters’ […]

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Have You Ever Tried Sauerkraut as Hot Dog Topping?

Hot Dog Toppings: Sauerkraut Adds Zing!  Visit our hot dog toppings page to check out the different wholesale toppings we offer our customers. We also cater for many different premium/gourmet hot dog products. A Discovery Journey!Are you tired of always eating hot dogs with the same toppings? There is an entire world of new toppings waiting […]

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Oktoberfest Products: It Can’t Get Better Than This!

Oktoberfest ProductsOffers and Promotions this year>>> Don’t Miss Out! <<< With a plethora of German products second to none, The Sausage Man is proud to offer a variety of Oktoberfest related products for its discerning customers.Whether you’re looking for food, snacks, napkins, a themed table cloth, balloons, or a brezeln stand, make sure to download this year’s […]

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Halal Frankfurters Suppliers UK: Superior Quality

Halal Frankfurters UK Suppliers: Questions & Answers We keep adding great products to our sausage range. Our latest addition is the tasty Halal frankfurter. As suppliers UK based, our wholesale prices are kept low while the quality of our products is always of the highest standards. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what […]

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Buy Gourmet Hot Dogs Wholesale with The Sausage Man!

Buy Gourmet Hot Dogs Wholesale with The Sausage Man The Sausage Man has been a gourmet hot dogs wholesale supplier for well over 10 years now in the UK. With an array of discerning customers our products cover a wide range of imported meats and sausages from premium German butchers. For more information please contact […]

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