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Mulled Wine Kit Wholesale UK: Ours is Made in Bavaria

Mulled Wine Kit Wholesale UK: Ours is Made in Bavaria! For those catering businesses looking for wholesale prices make sure to buy mulled wine with us this year. Ours is the real thing: authentic Bavarian mulled wine full of glory & spice!__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___Mulled Wine at Christmas is… Well, Simply a MustAs mulled wine suppliers in the UK […]

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Pulled Pork: a Tasty Hot Dog Topping!

Pulled Pork: a Tasty Hot Dog Topping! Many catering and food related businesses look for something unique, exciting or simply a little different to offer their customers. If you have added hot dogs, frankfurters or other types of sausages to your menu, why not also add an exciting hot dog topping like pulled pork? We provide […]

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The Delicate Weisswurst: Interview with the Suppliers

The Delicate Weisswurst: Interview With Suppliers The Sausage Man In this article we discuss with The Sausage Man what you need to know about the Weisswurst sausage if you’re thinking of buying it wholesale. It is becoming increasingly popular and a must if you’re holding an Oktoberfest event. For more information on weisswurst wholesale in the […]

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Exporting Our Hot Dogs & Frankfurters Worldwide

Exporting Our Hot Dogs & Frankfurters Worldwide Our product range has become well known oversees – having been importing good quality hot dogs, Frankfurters and German sausages for a number of years now to the UK we are also supplying demand abroad.Exporting Our Products Worldwide: Europe, USA, Asia & MoreIf your business in need of ‘proper frankfurters’ […]

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Have You Ever Tried Sauerkraut as Hot Dog Topping?

Hot Dog Toppings: Sauerkraut Adds Zing!  Visit our hot dog toppings page to check out the different wholesale toppings we offer our customers. We also cater for many different premium/gourmet hot dog products. A Discovery Journey!Are you tired of always eating hot dogs with the same toppings? There is an entire world of new toppings waiting […]

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The Sausage Man