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Our Gourmet Frankfurters are Popular Throughout the UK!

Our Gourmet Frankfurters are Popular throughout the UK! Fancy burgers and gourmet frankfurters are all the rave at the moment. If you’re a catering business and still serve those small, old fashion looking hot dogs and sausages, you’ll be frowned upon by your customers. Food trends are changing and gourmet frankfurters are what people are […]

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Bratwurst are Not Hot Dogs!

Bratwurst are Not Hot Dogs! Some people think Bratwurst and hot dogs are the same sausage. But they’re not! While both hot dogs and the bratwurst come from Germany, there’s a huge difference when it comes to these two types of sausages.We are hot dogs suppliers in the UK importing award winning German sausages to the country […]

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Chicken Sausages: a Great Alternative to Beef or Pork

Chicken Sausages: a Great Alternative to Beef or Pork Don’t dismiss chicken sausages as part of your catering menu just because you might think they are not going to be that popular. Chicken meat is a fantastic alternative to beef or pork and many customers will prefer it if they’re looking for a lighter option. Please […]

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A Truly Delicious Vegan Bratwurst

We Supply a Truly delicious Vegan Bratwurst We import premium hot dogs and sausages from Germany every week. We also supply vegan options, see below pics of our vegan bratwurst. If you’re interested in ordering with us please get in contact today so we can discuss delivery, stock and pricing. Visit our testimonials page to […]

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High Quality Hot Dogs Means High Quality Ingredients

High Quality Hot Dogs Means High Quality Ingredients When it comes to high quality hot dogs you need a supplier that prioritises the important factors like the ingredients used in the production of the hot dogs and sausages: a high quality hot dog means high quality ingredients. The Sausage Man prides itself in importing high quality […]

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Beef Franks UK: the Hot Dog You’ve Been Waiting For

Beef Franks UK to Die For… Find Out More Below! You’ve arrived. The Sausage Man has become the place to get your wholesale beef franks in the UK. Why? Plenty of reasons. See below and be impressed. You can also visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.As hot dogs wholesale suppliers […]

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