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Vegan Frankfurters UK: The Info You Need

Info on Our Vegan Frankfurters Lately we’ve been posting on our vegan frankfurters and vegan bratwurst. We feel these fabulous sausages deserve a special place on our blog. Below are pics that members of staff have taken at the office. We hope you enjoy our vegan products. We do go the extra mile to import […]

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Vegan Frankfurters UK Suppliers Bringing You the Best Products

Vegan Frankfurters UK Suppliers Bringing You the Best Products As the demand for vegan products grow, at The Sausage Man we’ve decided to import great quality vegan bockwurst and vegan bratwurst from the best suppliers in Germany. Every catering business should offer vegan products as part of their menu, and we’ve made sure to import […]

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Our Vegan Sausages Come all the Way from Germany

Our Vegan Sausages Come all the Way from Germany More and more people demand vegan sausages on a monthly basis. There’s no doubt that the growth in terms of vegan consumerism will keep going up so it is important all catering businesses attend to the incessant demand. At The Sasage Man we supply the best […]

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A Truly Delicious Vegan Bratwurst

We Supply a Truly delicious Vegan Bratwurst We import premium hot dogs and sausages from Germany every week. We also supply vegan options, see below pics of our vegan bratwurst. If you’re interested in ordering with us please get in contact today so we can discuss delivery, stock and pricing. Visit our testimonials page to […]

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Our Complete Vegan Product List

We keep adding great products to our range and as we grow we want to make sure we also cater for the vegan community. This means that our customers can now provide great quality vegan hot dog, sausages and other vegan German products to their customers. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what […]

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Vegan Hot Dogs Suppliers Discuss Vegan Sausages

Vegan Hot Dog Suppliers Discuss Vegan Sausages: An Interview When it comes to wholesale vegan hot dogs at unbeatable prices we simply stand out. Our beautiful vegan hotdogs come from specialised vegan companies. We are renowned for the premium quality of our products. Just try them out and see for yourself. Also make sure to visit our […]

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