UK hot dogs suppliers & premium German products

Thank you for providing such excellent Weisswurst Sausages to our Octoberfest. Our customers were very pleased with the quality of your products. That's why Sausage Man is our annual supplier to our Octoberfest. When we need high-quality Weisswurst, we call Sausage Man!

Klaus Swoboda
DO & CO, Lufthansa Lounge

Since using The Sausage Man, our business has grown in size and quality due to their expert advice and help. We cannot recommend them enough. We have tried the rest and thankfully, now found the best in the business. Quality and Service is the foundation of this team. A firm that knows their products inside out. We would never consider using anyone else now for our supplies, and suggest any company looking for an authentic German supplier..... look no further

AWC Berry
Brats & Dogs

Footscray Rugby Club wanted to put on an event for players and families with an Oktoberfest theme. We enlisted the help of the Sausage Man, who advised us on a menu, and provided us with every thing we needed to make the event a success. Due to the fact that we had never done this before, and did not know numbers until around a week before, we were not able to confirm our order until the very last minute. Michael, Charles and the team were great, the delivered to the door 24 hours before the event, including all the decorations to make the party go with a swing. Communication was great, and they even gave us a call on the night to wish us luck. The event was a great success, and we are already planning to repeat it next year!

Thank you Sausage Man. Without your help and ability to accommodate our needs, our Oktoberfest would never have got off the ground.

Matthew Butterworth
Footscray Rugby Club

"Looking forward to a hugely successful Oktoberfest with the help of London's finest Hot dog and German food supplier our diners will be feasting on their fresh pretzels, luxurious hot dogs as well as their traditional mustard's, pickles and sauerkraut."

Bodos Schloss

I would like to congratulate The Sausage Man for the great quality products, support and advice they have given me. Product knowledge is second to none. Delivery is quick and a reasonable price for next day delivery. I look forward to dealing with The Sausage Man each week, it's a pleasure to work with an efficient company who will deliver what I have asked for and when I have asked for it. I know working with the sausage man has increased by sales and customer base. I would recommend The sausage man very highly.

David Cooke

Our members – German and every other nationality – always look forward to events with authentic German Bratwurst, Krakauer, Nackensteak or Leberkaese. Löwensenf or Curryketchup, too, is quite popular when we have a Bring & Buy, a summer barbeque, lunch, dinner or our Christmas Market (since 1961). With your products we can be a real culinary ambassador and bridge builder and offer a home from home food-wise.

Udo Bauer
German YMCA

The Lancaster Hall Hotel has been supplied by The Sausage Man for many years. We use their cold meats for our breakfast buffet, sausages and other meats for many of our restaurant meals and functions and also the whole range of German products that they offer such a German mustard and sauerkraut.
The quality is first class and they are completely reliable and a pleasure to deal with. Occasionally we have special requests that are not part of their standard range and they will go out of their way to source these for us from Germany.

Uwe Maynard, Director
Lancaster Hotel

Being German myself I want just the best premium quality sausages for my customers. The Sausage Man has first class German sausages, cold meat cuts and many more delicious German food. Also all the condiments to go with it. You can not beat them on quality and their amazing customer service. A big thank you to the whole team for the amazing job you doing bringing Germany's finest sausages to the UK.

Marion's Deli

If you want authentic German food, then look no further. We (at the German Church in Sydenham) have been regular customers of the ‘sausage man’ for a long time. ‘Sausage man’ has catered for our various events which take place through the year: Christmas Fair, Summer Fair, Oktoberfest or Nearly New Sale. We regularly purchase sausages but have also used the ‘sausage man’ to provide full meals for our annual Oktoberfest and have always been extremely happy with the service, quick communication, professionalism and of course the quality of his products. We are extremely happy to being able to buy German food at affordable prices and will continue to use the ‘Sausage Man’ for future events. Danke!

German Church

Sausageman's Rostbratwurst and Leberkäs have become an indispensable part of our german Church's big events such as our summer fète and the German Adventsmarket in Cambridge. The Germans amongst us do love a proper well grilled sausage of high quality and many are glad, that you can have even Leberkäs in this country! The English as well as others, too, find it excellent and just love it. Good taste, great quality, friendly and quick service - can't do other but recommend the Sausage Man!

Pfarrer Oliver Fischer
Dt. Luth. Pfarramt Ostengland

We have been using "The Sausage Man" as our prime supplier to it's grilled for the past 18 months. The customer care and their consideration too every request is always impeccable! They have a great range of products all reasonably priced. I will continue to to use this supply as nothing else comes close.

Craig & Emma
It's Grilled

I met The Sausage Man crew about 2 years ago. They are truly amazing people. Always available for me to buy my stock. Helpful, friendly and very, very fun. It is always a pleasure to do business with them. They also have a wide range of products. The Sausage Man rocks!

Katja Harchen
Bish Bash Bangers

We at The Smoke Haus, have been working with The Sausage Man for the last 3 years, initially for our restaurant in Swansea and now adding our restaurant in Cardiff. We have been delighted with every aspect of the relationship we have developed with the team. The product we receive is exactly what we wanted and the quality is incredibly high week after week. The service we recive form the guys is also second to none. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending the guys at The Sausage Man and anyone lucky enough to sample their products will not be disappointed.

Mark Power
The Smoke Haus

At our annual Christmas market in Manchester, we always try to offer a large range of great German Products. With the Sausage man we have found a strong partner in the UK and we have established a long business relationship. The Sausage Man has always been great in supplying us with excellent quality at top prices. Even in busy times or bad weather conditions, their deliveries arrived always on time, giving us the peace of mind to focus on our operation. Running a business requires great partners, and we could barely ask for a better one than Dave and the rest of The Sausage Man staff.

Bjoern Thomas
Manchester Christmas Market

We’ve built a business out of providing the best for our customers, and in The Sausage Man we’ve found a supplier that can help us with that. The quality of their sausages were superb and their communication was impeccable. We’d like to thank The Sausage Man for helping to bring German quality to our corner of the UK!. The Sausage People’s huge range of German sausages helped last Christmas become our most successful period ever! Thank you to the whole Sausage People team for helping us delight our customers, and further thanks for always being available to purchase more stock, it saved us a number of times.

George Gregory
German Christmas Market Kingston

We have been working with Sausage Man for many years with many products, including Bratwurst and Bacon Frankfurter. We have always been very pleased with the quality they provided and with the their highly professional and competent approach. Sausage Man is our leading supplier of Hot Dogs and we plan to continue working with Sausage Man for many more years to come. Excellent service, use them all the time top notch : )

Miss L Edwards
German Catering Food Service

I've known the sausage People team for around 2 years now, and since then we've seen strong growth. It's no surprise, the quality of their stock is second to none and we've never hesitated for a moment on any product in their catalogue. If your not yet sold, a taste of their product will win you over.

Di Maggio's Belfast

We have been using "The Sausageman" as our supplier of authentic German products for the last ten years now and our customers at the German Embassy are very happy with the good quality of their products. Also the reliable supply and the good advise by their team is greatly valued.

Rosi Alongi
German Embassy, U.K.

My customers just love the sausages from the sausage man. They are the best selling food on every event I attend.
In addition, the guys at The Sausageman never let you down. If I sold out my sausages on Saturday evening, I can be sure to have a fresh stock on Sunday morning. I hope the guys don’t hate me for this!

Hans from Chef Hans Ltd

Great sausages, wonderful selection of toppings and sauces. The fact that we can access high quality sausages from these guys is incredibly important to our business. Excellent service all round. There is no better supplier for our street food business.

Liam Bugg
Designer Outlet Ashford

We have been working with The Sausage Man since the launch of our restaurant and we cannot fault the service… from next day delivery to delicious products, it’s great to know we have a supplier we can trust and that our customers love. We look forward to working with The Sausage Man for years to come.

Katie & Jane

I would like to thank you for your professional friendly and warming expertise tasting today. The knowledge you gave us was amazing, which made us make the right decision on purchasing the right German sausages for our Christmas Market which all tasted fantastic.

Ben Lovell
Apple & Cor! Event Catering

The Sausage Man