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What better place for The Sausage Man to go other than New York!

New York is well known for their hot dogs and hot dog stands all over the city, The Sausage Man is very aware of New York being the Mecca of the hot dog!

The Sausage Man Sales Manager Zsolt has tried out different ‘specimens’ of the precious dish while in the area. His verdict? Zsolt thought the sausages were huge and tasty, maybe a little bit too salty for his taste. He missed the more ‘herby’ options available at The Sausage Man.

He also said he would like to see more hot dogs with pork, chicken and turkey in them, and not just with beef! He believes that sauerkraut wold be a fantastic topping complimenting the New York street hot dogs as well as The Sausage Man’s gherkins (which would add crunch and taste).

Finally, his favourite dog was ‘the 15 bite hot dog’ in ‘Brooklyn Diner’.

So, there you have it! We hope you enjoy some of the pics Zsolt took, see below.





The Sausage Man