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Bringing the authentic Rosti to the UK!

Wholesale price: £3.49 per Kg

Great Alternative to Chips!

The Rosti (or Roesti) potatoes are a great alternative to chips. Popular in both Switzerland and Germany, this delicious dish consists mainly of potatoes and is cooked as a 'fritter'. This dish is known in the UK also; in fact, brits can really get their hands on cooking the the perfect Rosti! We have been potato Rosti suppliers in the UK since 2015. If you would like us to supply your business with our delicious potato Rosti please get in touch and we will advice you regarding stock and delivery. 

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Pre-Baked and Seasoned (our Seasoning is the Secret!)

What makes our Rosti exceptional is down to the unique seasoning. We go to extra lengths choosing only the best quality products. Our imported Rosti is the authentic dish: a delicious mix your customers will love. With a fantastic shelf life (6 months) your Rosti can really go a long way! If you require further information regarding this popular product we will be more than happy to help. Contact us today!

Each Box: 2x2.5kg (50 Rostis Inside)

Each box brings 50 Rostis inside. Many Swiss people are very proud of the Rosti and consider it to be their national dish.. We can see why (it's truly tasty!) and we definitely think you should include it in your menu if you're catering for those who enjoy the authentic recipe. Remember we can also supply you with other authentic products, please have a look at our brochure.

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Only the Best Ingredients

Each Rosti has: potato, potato starch, rapeseed oil food great salt, seasoning and herbs. To cook you can pan fry or deep fry although a healthier option would be to oven cook. Serve with the glorious Schnitzel or fried German sausages with sauerkraut or red cabbage on the side. Make sure to give our potato Rosti a try!

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There is no doubt that this dish is a must if you are serving Swiss or German related food. A fantastic side dish to any type of cuisine, the Rosti is a delicious, easy to cook, perfect dish for many types of catering businesses and restaurants. If you would like to try our potato Rosti please get in touch and we will give you advice regarding this fantastic and popular product!

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With a wide range of German products our brochure is packed with fantastic gourmet hot dogs, German sausages, German related products, great quality sauces and more! The potato Rosti is only part of the premium range we import on a weekly basis. We can take custom orders also. Please download The Sausage Man brochure today and let us know which products you need for your particular catering business. We're always happy to help!

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