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Variety is the spice of life!

Add Variety to Your Menu by Offering a Wide Range of Sausages to Your Customers

List of Wholesale Premium Sausages - Part 1

Why settle for just frankfurters? If you add variety to your menu when it comes to hot dogs and sausages your customers will love being able to choose from exciting options. We supply catering businesses with many types of sausages and if we're sure of something is that variety is most definitely the spice of life! Check out what others say about our products by visiting our testimonials page.

We are German sausage suppliers in London but we also deliver throughout the UK. Get in touch today for more information.

We're German Sausage Suppliers in London and Throughout the UK

There are many reasons why our wholesale hot dogs and sausages are so popular. For starters, check the brochure (links below). You'll see a vast range of products to satisfy any demanding customer.

The fact that our sausages come from award winning butchers in Germany is also a determining factor. Add to this the fact that we design some of our products and test each one of them to make sure it is of the highest standards. We have carefully thought of each the products that a catering business interested in hot dogs and sausages would need.

Take a Look at Some of Our Popular Sausages


  • 100g / pack of 10 / 82% beef
  • Natural sheep casing, 20cm long, precooked
  • Perfect for BBQ or flat grill, pan fried or cooked in the oven
  • Great with crispy onions and curry ketchup
  • Available in one size
Bratwurst - German sausage suppliers in London


  • Pack of 10 / 86% pork
  • Natural casing, 25cm long, precooked
  • Unique flavour, Germany's favourite!
  • Best way to cook: chargrill or BBQ
  • 2 sizes available: 150g and footlong


  • 110g / Pack of 10 / 84% pork
  • Natural casing, 18cm long, precooked
  • Perfect for Bain Marie, BBQ flat grill, pan fried or cook in the oven (a great all-rounder sausage)
  • The perfect sausage for a hot dog
  • Available in one size


  • 150g / Pack of 10 / 74% pork
  • Natural casing, 25cm long, precooked
  • Made with REAL Emmental cheese
  • A family favourite, perfect for grilling at a party (best cooking method: grilled)
  • Available in one size


  • Pack of 10 / 84% pork
  • Natural casing, precooked
  • Full of flavour, grilled, boiled, pan fried or just cooked in the oven
  • Best seller in the UK - this is a FANTASTIC bacon frankfurter!
  • Two sizes: 25cm or footlong 

Customers Need Choice

Nowadays customers have become real connoisseurs when it comes to food and demand great quality as well as variety. It is the responsibility of chefs and catering business owners to supply demand by increasing their hot dog menu list. Hot dog dishes should look the part, long gone are the greasy sausages on a plate when people are dining in their favourite gastro-pub or restaurant.

Make Us Your German Sausage Suppliers!

Get in touch today if you'd like to discuss options as well as versatility in terms of best cooking options. We will look at your type of business and help you decide wich hot dogs and sausages will make a difference and place you above and beyond your competitors. 

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

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