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3 Hot Dog Equipment Supplies we Strongly recommend

We recently started supplying hot dog catering businesses (new as well as established) with all the equipment they would ever need to succeed in this business. Having been around for quite a while and knowing all there is to know about good quality hot dogs and German sausages we knew we were ready to supply hot dog equipment to interested businesses. Take a look at our testimonials to find out what our customers say about us.

The below recommended hot dogs supplies are part of a much greater range to get you started on your hot dog franchise. Please visit the link for more information. 

There's been a high demand around the hot dog franchise business in the UK due to recent market needs. Nowadays customer demand great quality sausages and we are most certainly the suppliers behind some of the best wholesale hot dogs in the UK.

With our experience and innovative initiatives we decided to come up with The Sausage Man hot dog franchise. The Sausage Man is synonym of high quality, superb customer service and an incredible range of premium German products.

Having great working knowledge of the hot dog business in the UK we couldn't resist and created a brand that's built for success.

1 - Hot Dog Steamer (with Parasol)

If you haven't seen yet our fabulous hot dog steamer with parasol do check it out. The above video will show you the equipment, you'll get a good sense of size as well as design. We're proud of this piece of equipment and really recommend it.

Our hot dog Bain Marie with parasol will bring you the perfect shade when needed. Keep your food hot while keeping yourself cool at the same time, this parasol will also serve as a marketing tool. Electric, 0.7Kw.  

2 - Hot Dog Carousel

The hot dog warmer is very important if you want to keep your customers happy. There's nothing worse than a cold hot dog and there's nothing better than a hot one! Hot dog vendors need to cover the basics, and we believe this piece of hot dog equipment is a must.

The design has been thought to attract customers with an great looking hot dog image featuring on the front. There's no waiting for the customer which means you can easily speed up the process when queues line up. 

At around 1min 53 secs a member of our team shows you exactly how the hot dog roller works. If you like what you see give us a call today to get your own hot dog carousel!

3 - Hot Dog Toaster Grill

Our hot dog toaster grill is a great piece of equipment. This sausage grill gas with built-in dripping tray makes your life a lot easier. Just connect the gas bottle and you're ready to go! 

Our team takes a closer look at around second 49 on the above video. This top notch bit of equipment is necessary if you want your hot dog franchise business to be built on quality.

Don't Compromise when it Comes to Quality!

There you have it! The perfect 3 pieces of hot dog equipment to succeed when setting up a hot dog franchise in the UK.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

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