All Beef Hot Dogs UK with The Sausage Man

If you're looking for the perfect all beef hot dogs you've come to the right place. Our beef hot dogs are 100% beef, packed with wonderful, flavourfull, high quality meat!. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

We are all beef hot dogs UK suppliers. Please get in touch for more information on stock, price and delivery.

Why you Should Buy Beef Hot Dogs from Us

For a long time now we have been importing beef hot dogs from German award winning butchers into the UK. Our beef frankfurters are just fabulous! Clients love them and this product has proven to be extremely popular over the years. Many people demand sausages and hot dogs which have not been made with pork meat, so we had to go through extra lengths to create a beef sausage that satisfied our customers. We truly believe we supply the UK with the best beef hot dogs you can find around.

100% Pure Beef Meat 

Beechwood smoked, these hot dogs hold an incredible taste. Loved by many of our customers, we truly encourage new customers to add this particular hot dog to their product range. From delis to discerning restaurants and hot dog stands, our beef hot dog will make your customers rave about your hot dog business! Nowadays people demand good quality products and our wholesale hot dogs and German sausages are of the highest standards. Please also check our wholesale beef hot dogs page by clicking on the link.

All beef sausages UK suppliers
All beef hot dogs UK suppliers

Yep, we Also Supply a Beautiful Beef Chili Dog!

This sausage is our regular beef dog with a kick due to the wonderful chili flakes we've added to it. We recommend you try it with your customers; so far people seem to love this particular product. Both our regular beef hot dog and the chili beef have already been pre-cooked so you only have to worry about heating them up when preparing them. They'll be ready for your customers in no time.

Ask for a Sample Box

Not sure about our hot dogs and sausages? Ask for a sample box and try for yourself! We know that once you try our stock you'll be wanting more. Get in touch today and talk to a sales representative for more information. 

The Sausage Man

We import high quality hot dogs and sausages from Germany on a weekly basis. We also import discerning products to the UK like Black Forest ham and other German delicacies. If you're interested in our product range please download our brochure below. We keep updating our brochure with new and exciting products so make sure to visit our website often for the latest issue.

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If you're interested in buying wholesale hot dogs with The Sausage Man please find the contact details below.

Our wholesale gourmet hot dogs have been made 
with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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