Beef Frankfurters UK: We Think We Have the Best Beef Hot Dog in UK

Pork? Beef? Mixed? Ok, so many people will not even know what's in their sausage. That's ok, when it comes to a place like The Sausage Man you can rest assured that each and every product we supply catering businesses with is of the highest standards. And, we believe, this is priceless! Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

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We Truly Believe Our Beef Frankfurter is Worth Every Penny and More. Check Below Why.

Highest Quality!

Our beef Frankfurter is a 100% beef meat quality hot dog. This is not something you'll find just anywhere, and we're definitely proud of this. Each dog has been beechwood smoked for that superb extra flavour that your customers will totally love. This is no ordinary hot dog and we can assure you that you would find it very difficult to stumble upon one that's better than the one we supply. That's how sure we are of our fabulous beef Frankfurter.

Over 10 Years Importing the Best Hot Dogs and German Premium Products

This product has been popularised in the US and we wanted to make sure that we could provide you with a hot dog that hits all the right notes: looks, colour, bite, flavour, juiciness, texture, aroma and size. It's ALL in there!

With over 10 years experience importing hot dogs and German sausages to the UK (as well as other discerning products, check our menu above) we have become UK's premium suppliers. Our products have been selected with the utmost care. We learn as we go along so we find ourselves constantly improving every aspect of our business.​ This means you'll always get the best from us.

Beef Frankfurters UK Wholesale

We Always Test Products Before Importing Anything. And... We're Fussy!

Yep, we're very fussy! We try each and every product before making a decision. This particular hot dog is very popular and it almost outsells our other hot dogs and German sausages. If your customers are looking for something that's meat based but not pork, this fabulous beef Frankfurter is the perfect solution for them.

We Also Supply a Spicy Beef Frankfurter!

Our beef chilli hot dog is a superb sausage, people love it!. Pre-cooked as well as smoked, both the beef Frankfurter and the chilli version are very easy to prepare. Basically heat and serve. 

Award Winning Butchers (Basically, the Best)

We import from award winning butchers in Germany so you can't go wrong. We go through any lengths to provide our customers the best. We believe our products can't really be topped! 

Obviously our beef Frankfurter is part of an incredible range of high quality products. You can check all our products by downloading the brochure above. If there's a particular product you'd like us to import please let us know. We also provide you with custom sizes for many of our products!

Try Our Beef Frankfurters

Just give us a call to find out about delivery and prices. We will be delighted to become your beef Frankfurter UK suppliers!

If you're interested in buying beef Frankfurters in the UK with us please get in touch using the contact details below. 

Our wholesale gourmet hot dogs have been made 
with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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