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Our Frankfurters are one of the best in the UK, if not the best. We import them weekly and have been doing so for many years now so we know exactly what catering businesses need in order to 'take the hot dog to the next leve'l. Have a look below at three of our bestsellers. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

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3 Incredibly Tasty Frankfurters we Recommend: The Cheese Frankfurter, the Bacon Frankfurter and the Beef Chilli Frankfurter.

Our Cheese Frankfurter

This Kasekrainer is such an all time favourite! Easy to see why: the delicious melted cheese makes this beauty a superb choice. We obviously source it from the best butchers in Germany and we can assure you that our cheese frankfurter is simply delicious. A sausage to melt for, literally!

Here's a bit of info on this particular tasty frankfurter: weight: 150gr, you get 10 hot dogs inside each pack and every frankfurter has 74% pork. With natural casing, 25cm long and precooked. The best thing? Real Emmental cheese. We love it! Best cooked: grilled. A fantastic option for family parties and fun food in general.​

Cheese Frankfurter Wholesale

Our Bacon Frankfurter

Oh, yes! We've perfected this one like there's no tomorrow. We've gone the extra mile to make sure you won't get this frankfurter anywhere else, that's how special our fabulous bacon frankfurter is. All our hot dogs and sausages are superb and of the highest quality, of course, but we're particularly proud of this great sausage!

Also known as 'Krakauer', this product weights 150gr and comes in packs of 10. With 84% pork our bacon frankfurter is absolutely juicylicious. Natural casing, 25cm long, precooked, best grilled or boiled. You can also pan fry or cook in the oven. 

A bestseller in the UK, this is the best ever frankfurter your money can buy. Two sizes available: 25cm or footlong. An absolute winner.

Bacon Frankfurter Wholesale

Our Beef Chilli Frankfurter

This frankfurter has a bit of a 'kick' in it and our customers love it. We call this 'The New York Hot Dog that will make you smile'. Easy to see why: the bits of chilli take this particular frankfurter to the next level.

Wholesale Beef Chilli Frankfurter

Natural ship casing, 28cm long, precooked and absolutely packed with flavour. This frankfurter is not too spicy! Best cooked grilled or panfried. 

We Have a Fantastic Product Range!

These 3 frankfurters will definitely take your hot dog business to the next level. Why? These are no ordinary franks, but superb, high quality products that will get your customers coming back for more.

Try them All!

Why not give them all a try? You can order a sample box or simply get a few packs of each type to see which product performs better in terms of your catering business. We can assure you that people will love these frankfurters and that you won't find this sort of quality that easily in the UK. Every product has been tried-and-loved by us first so they'll be difficult to beat!

If you're interested in buying the best frankfurters in the UK we believe we import the highest quality sausages you'll find around. Get in touch today! 

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