What’s the best, Beef or Pork Hot Dogs?

A question many people ask themselves. When it comes to buying hot dogs, which variety should I purchase beef or pork? The Sausage Man helps with this question here and provides some clarity on what’s best for your business.

Read what The Sausage Man has to say on this topic below

Q: Many catering businesses wonder about which hot dog is best for them. So, which one is better between the beef and pork?

A: I have to say they are both great! Our beef and pork hot dogs are top quality. Usually, the pork hot dogs are a bit more popular than the beef, just because most places you go to only have that option. However, it all depends on personal preference.

Q: Okay, what is the difference between the two?

A: Firstly, Beef Hot Dogs;

  • The Beef comes in two varieties:

– An American style Vienna Beef , 100g in natural sheep casing.

– A Beef Hot Dog, skinless either 80g (18cm), 110g (26cm) or 155g (footlong)

  • The beef meat is finely minced, beechwood smoked and seasoned.

Next up Pork;

  • We offer the pork hot dog in 3 versions:

– The Jumbo Pork Frankfurter 120g in natural pork casing.

– The Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter 150g (25cm) and 200g Footlong size again in natural pork casing.

– Pork Hot Dogs, skinless in 80g (18cm), 110g (26cm) and 155g (30cm Footlong)

  • The pork meat texture is fine. Smoked minced pork with added bacon bits.

Q: On which occassion would you choose the beef or pork for?

A: Pork Hot Dogs are great for kids and have proved to be popular on food markets and festivals.

But, the Beef Hot Dogs are the favourites of any American food style place. They are a perfect accompaniment with beef burgers on any menu!

Q: What about prices? Is there a difference between the two? 

A: The Beef Hot Dog costs a bit more than the Pork, simply because beef meat cost more than pork. Therefore, the Pork Hot Dog is the more cost effective version.

Q: Anything else that you think should be included in this comparison?

A: Yes, both optoins are great for any commercial business. We have a great varierty to choose from. They are both pre-cooked, gluten free and smoked.

There you have it. If you’re interested in ordering wholesale beef or pork hot dogs with The Sausage Man please find the contact details below.