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Bockwurst Sausage: History & Three of Our Favourite Recipes

Our jumbo frankfurter 120gr, also known as Bockwurst is a sausage we highly recommend. Mild in taste and beautiful when poached, this sausage will have your customers coming back for more. Here we look at the history of the Bockwurst and also we link to three fantastic recipes we recommend. If you would like to purchase wholesale Bockwurst from The Sausage Man please get in contact to find out about stock and price. You can visit our testimonials page to read what our customers say about us.

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Bockwurst Sausages: A Short History

The Bockwurst sausage was mentioned for the first time in Bavaria in 1827 although there are also claims that it was invented in Berlin. This really popular sausage can be found in many parts of the world and The Sausage Man is really proud to import a fantastic Bockwurst from Germany. We truly believe your customers will love it too.

This is a very different sausages to the famous Bratwurst. The mix of meat and herbs make it a delicious choice, although we also recommend the Bratwurst if you're looking into offering the real German experience as part of your menu.

For perfect cooking make sure you simmer the Bockwurst gently (although you can also grill it). Be careful not to boil this sausage because it can split and it simply won't look as attractive.

Wholesale Bockwurst Sausage on a Plate

As you can see on the photo above, the Bockwurst can look really succulent even when served with just two pieces of toast. Personally we recommend serving it with potatoes and sauerkraut

Nobody Makes Bockwurst Like the Germans!

In Germany we love sausages: we make the best hot dogs and sausages you can find. You will be able to order sausages in almost every restaurant in Germany when visiting but you can also find that sausages are sold everywhere around the streets of Germany.

Being one of the most popular sausages, your typical Bockwurst will look like a succulent curved hot dog. The seasoning is simple and adds incredible taste to this great sausage. Try it with a good German beer and delight at the juiciness this sausages brings to your mouth!

Some of Our Favourite Recipes

We love some of the original recipes the guys at yummly have published on their site. See what you think!

1. Make Your Own

Here is an interesting recipe for people who want to make their own Bockwurst. We like the easy way you can follow this particular recipe, very straight forward. If you don't feel like preparing your own Bockwurst for your customers, do contact us for a chat regarding our premium quality wholesale Bockwurst.

2. Apfel-Currywurst

Here is a recipe from Knorr. We obviously love currywurst so we couldn't miss out on this great recipe! You'll need to translate it into English which you can easily do by clicking 'translate' on the page or copying and pasting into Google Translate. We hope you enjoy it.

3. Wine-Glazed Bockwurst

If you're not keen on making your own Bockwurst and are not in the mood for currywurst we recommend you try this recipe. It includes potatoes and sauerkraut keeping it within the traditional way of preparing this great sausage. You can find the wine-glazed Bockwurst recipe here.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations and we would love to hear more about the Bockwurst on our social media channels!


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