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Gourmet Hot Dogs at Kew Gardens | by Jorg Braese

See our interview with Nick here. It’s worth watching! And if you like it, please share it!

Nick: “Sausage Man – everyone uses Sausage Man”

Now is the right time to book your stall at the next Christmas Market. German Sausages are a winner on any Christmas market. Having done several of them myself with German Sausages, I can assure you that it’s going to be highly profitable, if done right.

We rounded off our winter festivities with a visit to Nick from Jamon Jamon – London’s most iconic paella chef, a man who knows a thing or two about elevating food – that’s what he did this Christmas with the humble hot dog.

Set in the beautiful backdrop of Kew Gardens at their Winter Light Trail, the German sausage remains unbeaten even in a place like this. It’s not hard to see why! Nick’s offering of his European twist Le Euro was drawing a hungry crowd.

It’s made with our smoky Krakauer in a brioche bun with sauerkraut puree, topped with crispy onions and a Dijon Mayo topping and herbs. There were even options for the kids affectionately named Prince/Princess made with our tasty, skinless Beef Hot Dog, also part of our Kids Range.

Nick was offering simple, elevated food with an option for anyone who passed by and reaping the rewards. It is always a delight for us to see what our customers invent with our products. And of course, taste them!

That’s one way to be successful on a Christmas Market with German Sausages. The other way is to keep it simple and traditional, yet delicious. Choose the best quality sausages, proper condiments and – if possible – good chips. And you will have winner products.

Bestsellers on Christmas Markets

The traditional Bratwurst – in 25 cm or footlong.

That’s a sausage for everyone. Kids love it, adults love it.

The slightly smoky Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter (also 25cm or Footlong).

It’s full flavour is as good as it gets. Eat it just in a bread roll – or eat it the Berlin way: cut in pieces, topped with lots of ketchup and curry powder.

The Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter (28cm): The sausage with a kick spicy chilli with a great, beefy flavour.

If you need more information or help running a successful German Sausage stall on a Christmas Market, please get in contact, we’d love to help.

Here at The Sausage Man, we frequently talk about the versatility of our offering and how it forms such a big part of what we do. From the classic, honest Bratwurst to Vegan and Halal options, we’re lucky to have customers that can turn our German delicacies into an eclectic mixture of dishes. Hot dogs are no longer just served from simple street stalls, but featured in theme restaurants, pubs, events and gourmet feasts.