Brexit – Where to get your Hot Dogs

First suppliers dropping from UK market

There is no doubt that Brexit has frustrated many and inevitably this has been and will continue to be a prominent feature in the news. Today, parliament backed plans for Britain to exit the EU with a new date of 31st January 2020. Many businesses will have questions as a result of this move, particularly concerning the trading arrangements with counties in the European Union. It’s therefore important that you ask relevant questions to your sausage/meat suppliers:

Will they still be able to supply you after Brexit and during the transition arrangements?

If your supplier is The Sausage Man then the answer to that question is simple, Yes!

Here at The Sausage Man we are well-prepared for every Brexit scenario and can guarantee that we will continue to run our business as normal without any disruption to you. All our produce is authentically German and this will not change. We pride ourselves on the quality of our imported products and look forward to continuing to share them with you.

We can import a large range of products, ranging from the famous German sausages such as the classic Bratwurst to the fiery Chilli Beef. We also have a great selection of other items:

The Sausage Man can help you out with all of this and more. Whether it be meat or the other accompaniments you need to give your food that extra bit of flavouring. We have an expansive product range and if we do not currently sell a product that you need imported, please contact us and we will try our best to source this for you.