Chicken sausages as an alternative

Chicken Sausages: a Great Alternative to Beef or Pork

Don't dismiss chicken sausages as part of your catering menu just because you might think they are not going to be that popular. Chicken meat is a fantastic alternative to beef or pork and many customers will prefer it if they're looking for a lighter option. Please take a look at our testimonials to find out what our customers say about us.

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A Great Alternative to Red Meat!

The Telegraph has mentioned in one of their articles the fact that chicken meat is a great alternative if you're looking into cutting down on read meat. We agree. Chicken sausages can be very tasty (as opposed to what many people think); in fact, we go through extra lengths to provide chicken sausages that are packed with flavour and juice.

Heck Foods calls the chicken sausage a "banger with a twist". We certainly agree that a sausage low in fat is already a cause for celebration if you love the shape and versatility of this type of food but want to keep your calorie-count under control.

Healthier Lifestyles

Slimming World is a well known UK based weight loss company. They are very popular and are known for providing a vast amount of healthy, low calorie recipes to those interested in healthier lifestyles. They use chicken sausages in some of their recipes, we can see why and love how these versatile sausages have made their way into the healthy market as well.

According to Spices Inc, chicken meat is leaner than turkey or pork meat. This doesn't mean you should go for this option when you're trying to lose weight, but try to think about chicken sausages as a great alternative to beef or pork in general. Perhaps you'd like to mix and match every now and then, especially if you're a great lover of hot dogs and German sausages in general. We believe you should at least give them a try!

Variety in Your Menu

Giving your customers the option of beef, pork and chicken sausages is preferable to just, let's say, the popular American hot dog (beef). This way you can cater for everyone's choices when it comes to diets and general lifestyles and noone will feel left out.

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