Try Chili con Carne as a Great Option for a Hot Dog Topping

Try our delicious Chilli con Carne hot dog topping today - your customers will love it.

There are few foods as popular as the hot dog, and few that just scream summer in the UK. Whether it's a famous Frankfurter hot dog, sausages at a garden barbecue, or some form of a chilli dog, there are many different ways to enjoy one of the best meals out there. Hot dogs are easy to make, delicious to eat, and just like burgers, there are many different ways to prepare and enjoy them.

So, Why Chilli Con Carne?

There's something inherently delicious about a chilli dog. The hot dog adds plenty of meat to chilli - and what kind of meat doesn't go well with chilli? The answer is none. Just about every meat out there can make an incredible tasting chilli so adding that together with a hot dog just makes sense. With little chunks of beef from the chilli con carne to go with the rest of the sausages we can really appreciate the whole thing with that little extra piece of flavour.

Adding on some cheese and other toppings at that point is just a bonus. Add in the fact that nothing sops up chilli quite like bread, and that combination of meaty chilli, hot dog, cheese, and bun just create an amazing mixture that beat out your conventional boiled or grilled hot dog with nothing added on (or just mustard).

The "Con Carne" Matters

If you are going to add chilli, why not add a meaty chilli for the most blend of flavours? Chilli con carne translates to chilli with meat - and there's no question that most people consider meatier

This is also one of the few types of chilli that also goes well with other meals like jacket potatoes. Shredded cheddar will be a fantastic compliment also.

A Fantastic Topping!

No chilli cheese dog is going to taste as good without chilli con carne, and with the ability to add so many toppings on top of it, there's no reason not to get an amazing combination that will have everyone's mouth watering at the sight, smell, and taste of these amazing chilli con carne hot dogs. Then there are also the cheese hot dogs (with the cheese inside rather than the outside!) but that's for another blog post entry.

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