Get Your Christmas Market Sausages with The Sausage Man

logoThe time of the year has come again.

Christmas is most definitely not the same without the German Christmas market sausages.

We know well – every year Germany dresses itself of that wonderful Christmas feeling. The markets take over and the magic starts.

These types of markets have become really popular in the last few years. The UK definitely embraces the magic power of the German Christmas market and it delights itself in seeing more and more stalls sell the wonderful Christmas market sausages.

The atmosphere that can be enjoyed at these markets is simply magical: you can really get a great sense of the festive season. Of course we think that nothing tops the feeling they evoke in Germany; but the markets in the UK make a fantastic effort in creating something truly unique and wonderful.

Full of Wonderful Presents

german_christmas_marketThere are all sorts of great stalls at these markets. And you would be able to purchase many different lovely things; whether for yourself or as a nice Christmas present. Traditional Christmassy objects are very popular; you can find fantastic ornaments for your home.

But we think that what gives a truly spectacular ambience is the presence of the German sausages. The smell, the taste, the size, the juiciness… nothing can top these amazing bites, unless you are counting on those other necessary delicious Christmas-musts like roasted chestnuts or mulled wine (please check our fantastic mulled wine kit)

Don’t forget we Germans are also great at making the most amazing marzipan – something that really adds the touch to any Christmas market.

The Food Adds a Touch of Character

Cristkindlmarket_Chicago_2014.webmCharacteristic German food of this season includes:

Fruitcake (Christstollen), which has been spiced with cinnamon and cardamom for that fantastic Christmassy flavour.

A gingerbread decorated house (they also do something similar in Sweden) which looks grandiose with sweets.

Venison, carp and schaufele (smoked ham).

And, of course, the wonderful weisswurst – with added ingredients like onions, parsley and cardamom for enhanced flavours.

We can’t forget the stollen and mulled wine. What a great combination.

Traditional German Christmas Sausages with The Sausage Man

german_sausage_bratwurstWe deliver a great amount of German sausages to the Christmas markets here in the UK.

Our wholesale prices are extremely competitive and our sausages come from award winning butchers in Germany.

We import them weekly, so you are assured freshness as well as great quality.

If you want to impress your customers with the real thing this Christmas, make sure to stop by!

Frohe Weihnachten : )