The Football Dog

Announcing the 'Football Dog': First of its Kind in the UK

Serve your customers the Football Dog, a memorable and themed finger food which makes your business outstanding and attracts higher sales. Make sure to check our testimonials page to see what customers think about our products.

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The Football Dog: First Hot Dog of its Kind

We're announcing the launch of the UK’s first Football Dog amidst a flurry of demand by restaurants and caterers.

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As a sports-themed “finger food,” the Football Dog promises high profit margins as a fully-cooked, completely thaw-and-serve snack available exclusively from The Sausage Man, making it ideal not only for sporting events but for any casual summertime gathering.

Football Pretzel Bun ONLY 39p each!

“In the UK, we’ve seen an uptick recently with regard to the demand for quality ‘finger food’-type products for sporting events and the like, with many sellers looking for reputable wholesalers,” explains Michael Juska (company Director)

Snail Sausage ONLY 99p each!

We’ve answered that demand with the Football Dog, the first of its kind in the UK, which comes fully cooked and ready to heat-and-serve on a ‘pretzel football’ bun. With a purchase price of only £1.38 for the sausage and bun and suggested retailer price of £6, the potential for tremendous profit margins makes the appeal of this premium finger food even more apparent.”

Fun on the Table as Well as On the Go

Fun on the table as well as on the go, the Football Dog and its accompanying pretzel bun can be heated on the griddle or in the microwave, oven or fryer – all the kitchen staff need to do is thaw and serve the fully-baked product.

"Hot dogs are among the best-selling finger foods at sporting/football events, and our Football Dog is poised to knock other stadium snacks out of the park”​.

“Specialising in our products since 2005, this is an area we know something about, importing only the best from award-winning butchers in Germany and applying many years of experience to the burgeoning premium wholesale German hot dog market here in the UK.”

Bun and Sausage ONLY £1.38!

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Our Football Dog in Action!

Find below a couple of photos from a customer so you can see our fabulous Football Dog in action.

Pre-Order TODAY the Perfect Football Dog!

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