The Beauty of Foot Long Sausages

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Foot Long Hot Dogs Are Truly Delicious

Sausage culture has emanated from German and/or European history and was a revered food item during the 1800s. In Germany, it continues to thrive as time goes on. Yet, there are distinct differences to how hot dogs are enjoyed in Germany compared to other parts of the world. Foot long sausages are a classic and one that is adored by millions. It has this overall taste, balance, and quality that is hard to beat. Let's take a deeper glance into what this type of hot dog is all about and what it encompasses.


It all begins and ends with the taste of this hot dog. What a fascinating palette pleaser this meal is. It is going to bring you to a stop as you wish to savour every bite being consumed. It is made with intricate attention to flavour and it shows throughout the experience one has eating it.

The Extravagance of Size

The 'foot long' nature of this hot dog cannot be ignored and should not be ignored. It holds great value as the extravagance of size is a wonderful part of the appeal this hot dog has. Generally, hot dogs taper off at six inches, but this one pushes the boundaries and gives you a 'bang for your buck' deal.

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It is the quality possessed despite being of this size, which appeals to the masses to this day. It simply has this appeal that is mesmerising due to the size alone.


There is a certain pleasure of getting short bursts of this hot dog floating through the air. It is a big reason for the appeal this hot dog has or as the Germans like to call it, "The Frankfurter". It is a charming option for those who not only want more as mentioned above but also require a specific experience along with their hot dog. The aromatic nature of this foot long, mouthwatering dish cannot be beaten.

The foot long German hot dog is a 'must have' for those who are wishing to get a feel for German history and how European culture has placed its own mark on the world of hot dogs and/or sausages. It is a delicious, mouth-watering option for anyone who is on the lookout for a fantastic hot dog and only wants the best. There is indeed nothing that can beat this wonderful option.

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