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We add new products to our range very often. Since we are one of UK's hot dog suppliers as well as premium German products, it just made sense for us to also supply our discerning customers with top of the range hot dog toppings. In this article we talk about the German gherkin as a great topping choice: exciting, delicious, full of flavour! Remember: as wholesale German gherkins suppliers we'll always only provide you with the best quality.

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Make Your Toppings Exciting, Delicious & Full of Flavour!

Same Old Hot Dog Toppings? Boring!

Hot dogs are an undoubtedly amazing food. Everyone loves them and you can make them quickly (also it's pretty hard to ruin them, almost anything goes when it comes to toppings!).

Just about anyone can learn how to make a delicious hot dog, and there's all kinds of ways to go about making them and dressing them up. The only downside is that they can get a bit tiresome at times. Easy to grow tired of the same old toppings.

It seems like all ways to spice them up have already been done, and the same old toppings just get boring sometimes.

If you'd like to finally add a bit of variety to your hot dog nights, you should try German gherkins (pickled cucumber) as a topping. It just works.

A Good Gherkin Can Work Wonders

It almost sounds a bit odd, but everyone knows a good gherkin can work wonders for the likes of hamburgers and sandwiches.

Why don't people just add them as toppers in general? So why wouldn't it work just the same for hot dogs? After all, relish is a wonderful hot dog topping, and that's very much in the same family as gherkins.

The great thing about German gherkins is how wonderfully savoury they are. We're talking good quality products here - there's also just a bit of spice, and the mustard seeds will definitely add a new dash of much needed flavour to the mix! (Check out our mustard and ketchup sauces as well).

Nothing Beats the Gherkin Crunch!

Best of all, there's a really pleasant crunch to gherkins. If that doesn't add a nice new layer to your hot dogs, nothing will.

It doesn't hurt that this is a topping that a lot of people have yet to try out on a hot dog, so if you happen to throw these out for a family dinner or even a party event, you'll be sure to get praise for adding something new to everyone's palette.

There's no easier way to bring a dinner party down than for everything to be drenched in "been there, done that" vibes, and German gherkins on top of your hot dogs are sure way to avoid that and actually impress everyone at the table.

Here's a recipe if you want to make your own relish by the way.

The Sausage Man Brings Top Quality Gherkins to Your Business

All our products are of the highest standards and the same can be said of each of our hot dog toppings. You can choose from wholesale smoked bacon rashers, chilli con carne, BBQ flavoured pulled pork, sliced jalapeños, sauerkraut and, of course, our delicious German gherkins. Link again here if you'd like to take a look at the page.

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