Wholesale German Sauces: An Interview with The Sausage Man

Who doesn't enjoy a great curry ketchup sauce with their favourite frankfurter? Yep, we surely do! Find below an interview with The Sausage Man ON what makes them choose their top quality sauces, how their range can look really stylish (they can look incredibly good on the table) and their unbeatable prices.

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What You Need to Know About Our German Sauces

Q. Which brands of sauces do you import and why have you chosen them in particular.

We currently import Lowensenf and Bautz’ner Senf for Mustard, Hamker for Ketchup, Curry Ketchup and Mayonnaise

The first two brand for Mustard are the best commercial brands for that particular product in Germany. The brand Hamker is also a well known good quality brand for sauces on commercial volumes (here's a link about Hamker brand).

We chose these in particular as they are strong partners and are able to deliver top quality in large volumes at a competitive price.

Q. In our sauces page we list the different types of sauces you import, but it would be good if you could quickly go through each and talk about them very briefly.

German Tomato Ketchup: a fresh tomato flavour with no additives. Curry Ketchup: a lovely fresh tasting curry tomato sauce. German Mustard: a mild Mustard sauce, only made of freshly ground Mustard grains with seasoning. These three sauces come in 875ml squeeze bottles which are very handy at food stalls, and they are also available in 10L containers for caterers who need larger volumes.

The mayonnaise is premium deli mayo, only available in 875ml squeeze bottle.

The whole range in squeeze bottles look really stylish as a group on any food stall.

We also offer the Loewensenf brand for the best Mustard from Germany, a range of 3 flavours, medium, sweet and hot in 250ml glass jars. They can be very conveniently placed on restaurant tables for people to add flavour to their dishes, they look incredibly good.

Check out this video for our condiments in general and this one for our handing sauce dispensers.

Q. Curry tomato ketchup is HUGE in Germany. How about the UK market? Do you find you have to push this product?

The Curry Ketchup is obviously not as big over here as it is in Germany, and we are pushing it as much as we can. However, many of our clients already know it from their visits to Germany, and also many people are aware of the Currywurst being Germany’s number one street food.

Q. Let's say a potential customer wants to try the curry tomato ketchup. How can they 'convince' their customers to give it a try? You know some people are reluctant to new flavours. 

The best way to convince them is by preparing a Currywurst, which is a cut up sausage coated with Curry ketchup and sprinkled with currypowder. They can let their customers try a piece. Once you've tried it, you either become a fan or you never try it again. I’m sure most people who try it, do love it!

Q. Which sauce is your most popular?

The Senf ( German Mustard)! it’s a medium mild and a very natural mustard with no additives. It is different to other mustards available in UK.

Q. You provide different quantities (875ml & 10kg). What's the shelf life of these products in general?

The shelf-life on these products is long, every product is different, but usually the best before date is quite a few months.

Q. It is very easy for anyone to purchase wholesale ketchup and mayonnaise in the UK - many places provide it at an excellent price. Why would someone choose yours instead?

That is correct, many options for ketchup and mayo at an excellent price are available in the UK. However, the quality we can provide at our wholesale price is very competitive. In addition, if someone was to offer a German dish, these condiments just look authentic on any table, especially as they are in uniform bottles.

Q. Do you provide sample sachets or is there a way for someone to try your sauces if they're not sure about purchasing them yet?

We do not provide sachets for these products. Our clients are welcome to try these at our tasting kitchen along with other products.

Else, we can provide small quantities on any orders, and the clients can then try these first, without having to commit to larger bulk order.

Q. Are you planning on bringing new sauces are are you sticking with ketchup, curry ketchup and mayo for the time being?

We do have many plans in the pipeline for the next months/years to come, anything which we think will improve our range will be added, perhaps some more or different sauces in the future.

Q. As curry tomato ketchup suppliers in the UK and considering this is such a German sauce, would you ever consider coming up with your own recipe and creating your very own Sausage Man Curry Tomato Ketchup?

We have currently no plans to do that now. The brands we are promoting are excellent, but we might create our own unique Sausageman curry ketchup in future…

Q. Convince someone in a few words why they should try your sauces first before going into any other UK supplier.

Our German Mustard is very unique in taste and texture, mild and fresh flavour, and also available in hot or sweet flavour. Our Tomato Ketchup and Curry Ketchup are lovely fresh tasting sauces, in particular the Curry Ketchup is different to any other tomato Ketchup. Our Mayonnaise is top quality deli style Mayo, and the best is, all our sauces are free from additives!

Q. Finally, which sauces are a MUST with which German hot dog/sausages?

Definitely the Senf (German Mustard) and also the Curry Tomato Ketchup.

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