German Sausage – UK’s premium Company

Why are we the company you should choose for your sausage supplies?

As time goes by more and more catering businesses want to delight their customers with great quality products – and what could be better than German Sausages?

We supply restaurants, pubs, hotels, markets and more with the very finest sausages. Therefore, we do consider ourselves a premium German sausage company here in the UK. Sausages are great in Germany, if you ever travel there here’s an article that will help you choose the best places to eat sausages.

Our products come from selected butchers and we import them on a weekly basis. Our cooked and smoked meats are of the highest standards and we add new products to our range on a regular basis.

Plenty of Variety

All our hot dogs are 100% filler and gluten free. We can supply a variety of different products and this can change seasonally. For instance, last Christmas we supplied  a fantastic mulled wine kit which proved to be very popular.

Over the years we have learnt which German sausage works best for each type of business. Customers contact us with many different queries, sometimes they are not sure which product is appropriate for them. With years of experience we can advise you –  we understand it is not easy choosing the right products for your menu.

It’s Not Just About Meat

We listen to our customers and are aware of the high demand regarding vegetarian and vegan products. That’s why we decided to import our own Vegan Hot Dog. This delicious sausage has proven to be immensely popular. We encourage all dedicated catering businesses to add this as part of their German Sausage menu. 

Our Customers Keep Coming Back 

Being a premium German Sausage company in the UK means more than just supplying the top quality products. There are many different reasons that makes us a very popular option, among them are our prompt deliveries, secure packaging, next day delivery and superb customer service.