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German Sausages UK: Bringing You the Best Sausages for Your Business

Customers demand quality as well as variety. As hot dog and gourmet sausages become more popular, catering businesses can't turn a blind eye to this fact. If you are a food related business offering hot dogs and sausages as part of your menu this article is for you. Also, check our testimonials page to see what customers think about us.

If you're looking for German sausages UK based we are your suppliers. Please get in touch for more information on delivery, stock and prices.

Nothing Beats German

It is a well known fact that German sausages are famous for their quality and taste. Just check articles like this one, where you can easily see how German sausages put the regular hot dog to shame. And we agree.

There are many different types of succulent German sausages and we supply the UK with award-winning ones. Catering businesses that get their German sausages from us can't go wrong.

From your regular bratwurst to the more uncommon footlong sizes all the way to the traditional bockwurst, Vienna beef, pork hot dogs, mini Vienas, krakauer, paprika sausage, etc, we provide an incredible plethora of succulent and juicy hot dogs and German sausages any gastro-pub would be envious of.

Don't Settle for Anything Less

As times change, customers demand quality as well as variety. German sausages are all the rage in gastro-pubs and restaurants alike, chefs and owners are keen to please their customers by offering unforgettable dishes, and German sausages will put any supermarket hot dog to shame. We pride ourselves on having carefully selected each of our sausages from award winning butchers in Germany.

At The Sausage Man we import hot dogs and German sausages to the UK on a weekly basis. Our client base keeps growing as catering businesses realise the need to offer quality to their customers. We are your UK German sausages suppliers if you're looking for best quality at unbeatable prices. Every product we provide catering businesses with has been selected with care; after many years of importing products to the UK we know exactly what food related businesses need to succeed.

Show Your Customers an Astounding Menu

In this day and age your menu has to stand out. The quality of your dishes need to be of the highest standards but also ingredients should make a difference. It is no good offering a superb looking sausage dish if the sausages themselves are not outstanding. 

If you're a new or expanding business and are not sure about the type of German sausages you need, just give us a call and we will discuss with you the products we think you should give a try. We have been helping catering businesses for many years now and know exactly what it takes to take it to the next level.

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Or download a digital copy to your computer today. Check out all the different products we supply catering businesses with; we can assure you there will be something for the discerning restaurant, gastro-pub, hotel, hot dog trailer or stand, etc. If you're looking into offering great quality, premium German sausages, call today for a chat.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

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