Giant Foot Long Bacon Frankfurters with The Sausage Man

You can purchase giant foot long sausages wholesale (in bulk as well as smaller quantities) with The Sausage Man, premium sausage suppliers in the UK. We not only provide the bacon frankfurter in foot long size, but we also customise sizes for any other sausage you need.

Questions and answers with The Sausage Man about the giant foot long bacon frankfurters.

Wow, now, that’s quite a mouthful. Are they as big as their name?

Hot dog UK suppliers and German sausages The Sausage Man

They are, indeed, we just made the bacon frankfurter, which is one of our most popular sausage within the giant foot long size range, as this is currently a very popular size with market stalls, caterers and restaurants alike.

The brochure features a few XXL sausages, so there’s a nice variety. Is there a difference in size between XXL and foot long?

How about ‘Jumbo’? What are all the different sizes you can provide?

Yes, there are quite a few differences in size. The jumbo sausages are usually 110gr. in weight and our XXL sized sausages are 150gr. in weight, whereas the Foot Long is 200gr. in weight.

**Find the Guide to Sizes page here.

How long have you been importing these German foot long sausages? Are you one of the few importers or is it easy to find in the UK?

These foot long sausages are a recent addition to our range. As far as we know they have been around in the UK for a while, but we took things further and in addition to the foot long hot dogs, we also make our bratwurst and our bacon frankfurter in foot long size.

The foot long sausage we’re promoting here has bacon in it. Possible to buy giant sizes like this one without any ‘extras’? (Some people might not be interested in the different flavours).

For customer who don’t want the bacon in it, we offer the plain hot dog and the bratwurst in foot long size. However, as we are flexible, we will do most anything to keep our customers happy and are able to make any of our sausages in this giant size.

Has this type of size always been popular or is it something that the British customer is requiring more and more?

We can tell by current demand that the foot long sized hot dogs are becoming increasingly popular with the British customers at the moment!

Can we buy them in bulk? What would the minimum order be?

As with all our products, we are able to deliver these in bulk, details about order sizes can be discussed with our head office.

Is it a smoked sausage or precooked?

It comes pre-cooked and smoked. It is very easy to cook, just heat them up and serve.

How about custom sizes? If a customer wanted this type of sausage but in a different size, could they customise it?

We certainly can do that, we already customise many of our sausages according to our customer demands. A minimum order is required.

How often do you bring this particular sausage to the UK?

Nowadays, we always carry a large stock of these bigger sized sausages into the UK.

If I wanted to order big amounts, how much in advance would you need to know?

We are able to supply our foot long sausages within a few days, even on larger orders.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

Don't hesitate to ask The Sausage Man about stock, availability, quantities and wholesale prices on our Giant Foot Long Bacon Frankfurters today!