Gluten Free Hot Dogs Wholesale at Unbeatable Prices

Nowadays gluten-free products are a requirement for many catering businesses, food establishments and companies alike. We supply gluten free hot dogs and sausages at wholesale prices to keep up with today's trends and general demands within the food industry. Check our testimonials page to see what customers say about us.

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We have been premium hot dogs suppliers in the UK for over 10 years. Please download or view our brochure for more information (links below). 

All Our Meat Sausages are Gluten Free

Many people opt for gluten-free diets for many different reasons and at The Sausage Man we are well aware of this. We know how important it is for food related businesses and establishments to be able to offer these options so we make sure our products keep up with current trends and demands by the different needs that arise over time. 

Gluten is a type of protein that can be found in wheat, rye, and barley (source). This means it is usually found in breads and cereals. Gluten helps food keep its elasticity but there are many people who opt for removing gluten from their diets.

There have been many articles written on the topic so we won't go into detail here but if you'd to know more about a gluten-free diet you can check out these informational links.

All Our Meat Sausages are 100% Gluten-Free

Most of our wholesale hot dogs and sausages are gluten-free. Please do read about each product by downloading and/or viewing our brochure (links below) so you can check out everything pertaining to that particular product. 

All our meat sausages are 100% gluten-free; if you wanted to discuss a particular hot dog or sausage or would like The Sausage Man to import a certain product please get in touch with us. We're always more than happy to do our utmost to supply you with the products your business needs.

Our hot dogs are also 100% filler free and the spices and herbs used have been grown by farmers around the world. We pride ourselves in supplying premium quality hot dogs and German sausages - with The Sausage Man you're assured great quality and high standards at the best prices!

Get Your Gluten Free Hot Dogs from Us

Get in touch with The Sausage Man today to discuss stock, delivery, shelf life and prices. We're looking forward to becoming your wholesale gluten-free hot dogs and sausages UK suppliers. We also supply related premium products, please have a look at our brochures below. 

If you're interested in buying high quality hot dogs with The Sausage Man please find the contact details below.

Our wholesale gourmet hot dogs have been made 
with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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