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Our Gourmet Frankfurters are Popular throughout the UK!

Fancy burgers and gourmet frankfurters are all the rave at the moment. If you're a catering business and still serve those small, old fashion looking hot dogs and sausages, you'll be frowned upon by your customers. Food trends are changing and gourmet frankfurters are what people are expecting when ordering a hot dog at a gastro-pub or restaurant. We supply the UK with wholesale gourmet frankfurters, please take a look at our testimonials to find out what our customers say about us.

When it comes to gourmet Frankfurters we are UK's number 1 supplier. Get in touch today for more information on delivery and prices.

Traditional Fast Food is Changing

Gastro-pubs and high-end restaurant are adding a sophisticated range and variety of different hot dogs and sausages to their everyday menus. More and more trendy food stalls and restaurants are opening across the UK, all demanding top quality, gourmet products to delight their customers.

Gourmet Frankfurters

Greasy burgers and hot dogs outside pubs and theatres still have a place in the market but there's no doubt that a new wave of young, hip and trendy customers like to enjoy a good lobster as much as a high-quality, gourmet frankfurter. 

New and Fashionable Eateries

New eateries are demanding different types of hot dogs and sausages and we're delighted to say we've got quite the range. Someone has called this type of food "junk food for the middle classes" and we can see why. Originality is key here, people are bored with the same old dishes (chains are not really offering appetising solutions to the hip customer) and these types of trendy food joints and diners have found a new type of customer to feed.

These new eateries demand great quality products that they can source from trusted suppliers and are willing to pay a little more to get something that will get their customers coming back again and again.

High Quality, Best Ingredients

Gourmet hot dogs are a trend and more and more restaurants and gastro-pubs are keen to impress their customers with a varied and exciting menu. Casual food that looks great on a plate is a growing trend restaurants, pubs and food related businesses cannot ignore: customers are willing to pay that little extra for high quality products that look and taste great.

Go Upmarket with Gourmet Frankfurters!

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