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We keep adding great products to our sausage range. Our latest addition is the tasty Halal frankfurter. As suppliers UK based, our wholesale prices are kept low while the quality of our products is always of the highest standards. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

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What You Need to Know About Our Halal Frankfurter Sausages 

Q. What are Halal frankfurters exactly?

Our Halal frankfurters is just like an ordinary good quality hot dog, except the animal has been slaughtered in a certain way and the place was blessed by a Mufti.

Q. Where do you source yours from and what is special and different about it?

Ours are made in Germany by a certified Halal Specialist and are made to our own specification in terms of flavour, size and looks.

Q. That's fantastic. What are the ingredients?

Ours have been made with turkey meat and turkey fat plus added rapeseed oil. The rest is just seasoning and preservative.

Q. Halal vs Kosher frankfurters... What's the difference? 

The difference between the Halal hot dogs and the Kosher hot dogs lies in the way in which animal was used and whom was it slaughtered by. The Halal would be slaughtered according to the Islamic Laws and the Kosher according to the Jewish Laws. Both types of hot dogs are basically produced in accordance with their religious guidelines.

Q. Yours is a turkey Halal frankfurter. Any reason to have chosen this particular meat?

Yes, as we can’t use pork meat and the beef halal hot Dogs we tried so far weren’t really up to our standards, we decided to use turkey meat.

It is a very good alternative and healthier than red meat. Turkey is also one of the most popular meats in Germany and in this case it made the perfect Halal hot dog for us.

Q. As halal hot dogs wholesale suppliers in the UK do you find there's little competition for this particular sausage (wholesale) or do you find that you need to break into the market to position yourselves? A strong product would be the ideal candidate I suppose.

For now the Halal hot dogs are an addition to our current hot dog range. We just wanted our customers to be able to cater for all their clients. However, as we tried many halal hot dogs that are currently available on the market, we think that our hot dog will be a very strong contender in the Halal market and therefore take the necessary steps to position ourselves there.

Q. What made you decide to add this particular hot dog to your product range?

There is a huge demand for halal products in the UK and our customers wanted to be able to serve their Halal customers with just the same quality. They increasingly asked us if we could find them a good product. Instead of just adding an already existing product, we decided to have ours produced to our own specification to assure we can offer the same quality that we normally do

Q. Do you sell halal frankfurters in bulk? What's the minimum order?

We do sell these Halal hot dogs in bulk. The minimum order for wholesale would be £125.00 worth, but can be combined with any other products.

Q. Where in the UK do you supply your products? How far do you travel?

We supply many of these to bigger cities where there is a higher concentration of people who can only eat Halal. However, we can ship these hot dogs to anywhere in the UK and beyond.

Q. What are the ingredients contained in the hot dog, including the casing?

Turkey meat, Water, Turkey fat, nitrate salt, rapeseed oil, dextrose, stabilizer, glucose syrup, spices, antioxidant and smoke. It comes without a casing.

Q. What about allergens?

They don't contain any allergens.

Q. Is this sausage part of your sample box?

Yes, we are happy to send it as part of our sample box, just mention to us that you would like to try it and we will include it.

Q. What are the difference sizes you offer and how many come in a pack?

At the moment we only do one size which is 110g (there are 10x hot dogs in a pack).

Q. Are these sausages fresh or frozen and how often do you import them?

We aim to hold them fresh but in order to assure constant supplies we always keep frozen back up in our warehouse.

Q. Finally, if someone is interested, what is the easiest and fastest way to get in touch with you?

Am email or a telephone call will get you in touch fast.

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