Hot Dog Bain Marie UK: Best Hot Dog Equipment in UK with Us!

When it comes to hot dog a good Bain Marie is key. We sell the perfect hot dog Bain Marie equipment for you. To top it, we also supply you with the perfect Bain Marie seasoning. See videos below. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

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Excellent Hot Dog Equipment: Bain Marie with The Sausage Man

Hot Dog Equipment: Bain Marie

Easy to plugin, add water and some Sausage Man Bain Marie seasoning to keep your sausages nice and tasty 8 times longer! Just mix with 5 litres of water. It takes only five minutes for the water to heat up, this fantastic piece of hot dog equipment is just perfect.

Bain Marie Water Seasoning

The Sausage Man brings to you authentic German sausages and hot dogs every week from Germany. Make sure to download our brochure, button below. 

Hot Dog Bain Marie with Parasol!

To get some shade, get your hot dog Bain Marie with our fantastic Sausage Man parasol. This marketing tool will get your customers coming back for more!

Other Information

Capacity - Around 20 hot dogs, depending on hot dog sizes.

Material & Electric Power - Stainless steel, power 230v 50hz 1.2kw

Size - W338 x D540 x H248 (1/1 GN 150mm deep)

Top Quality - Made in Germany; suitable for our Bain Marie seasoning; top quality & look!

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