Hot Dog Equipment Videos: The perfect Equipment for YOur Hot Dog Franchise

Thinking of setting up your hot dog franchise in the UK? We have everything you need and more. We've created the videos below for you to have a look at. Please contact us for more information on each of our appliances. Visit our hot dog franchise page for more information on our hot dog equipment range.

Hot Dog Equipment: The Grill

Our beautifully made grill is a fantastic problem solver. Check every single little detail we show you; this is a state-of-the-art piece of German equipment!

Hot Dog Equipment: The Carousel

In less than 1 minute we show you how the hot dog carousel works: temperature, carousel features and how to place your hot dogs and sausages. We also show you a little trick.

Hot Dog Equipment: The Sauce Station

We're very proud of this sauce station. It'll keep your area clean which is something that can be very attractive to potential customers. Finally: no mess!

Hot Dog Equipment: Refill Bags

What did you think of the refill bags on the above video? Here we show you how to put together the sauce dispenser and refill bag. Every single detail has been taken care of. Nice and tidy.

Hot Dog Equipment: Crispy Fried Onions Dispenser

Again, another superb piece of hot dog equipment for your hot dog franchise with The Sausage Man. We can also provide you with wholesale crispy onions and other wholesale hot dog toppings.

Hot Dog Equipment: Bain Marie

Bain Marie water seasoning is popular because it leaves your hot dogs moist and juicy. In only 5 minutes your hot dogs and sausages are ready to be served!

Hot Dog Equipment: Branded Flag

We love this flag: stylish, waterproof, super easy to stick to the wall (on simple rotation). It'll dress up your franchise nicely; call us today for more information.

Hot Dog Equipment List

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Hot dog machine UK
Hot dog steamer UK
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Hot dog buns
Hot dog rolls
Hot dog roller
Hot dog cooker
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Hotdog stand
Hot dog warmer
Hotdog machine
Hog dog stand for sale
Hot dog holders
Hot dog tray
Hot dog sauce
Hot dog stands
Hot dog toaster
Hot dog umbrella
Sauces station
Hot dog Bain Marie
Hot dog sauce dispensers

If you're interested in buying or renting any of the hot dog equipment above please get in contact with The Sausage Man today.  

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