Hot Dog Franchise UK: The Sausage Man Delivers!

With The Sausage Man you can now start your own hot dog franchise business in the UK. Our dedicated hot dog franchise & equipment page (link below) shows how we've gone the extra mile in terms of equipment, extras like pavement signs and deck chairs as well as wearables. In this article we show you three pieces of hot dog equipment we think you will most definitely benefit from if you are in the hot dog business. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

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3 Hot Dog Equipment Units You Need for Your Hot Dog Business

1. Sauce Station

This is our sauce station. It is built to last and will make a huge difference when it comes to your hot dog catering business. You can hang your gherkin relish, as shown in the video, and enjoy a no-mess sauces area. Check out our sauce dispenser also, very clean and easy to use!

2. Hog Dog Grill

A perfect stainless steel grill, top quality and great for all your sausages. Easy to hook up to your gas bottle, easy to turn knobs and even easier ignition point, this fantastic unit also has a great feature: a roof for protection sitting below the roasting tray. Your hot dogs end up showing the iconic crossed lines everyone loves in a hot dog.

With a drip tray underneath for easiness when it comes to cleaning, this is the perfect piece of hot dog equipment. 

3. Hot Dog Carousel

Our lovely hot dog carousel is a state of the art piece of hot dog equipment, and, like all other units, very easy to operate featuring a convenient low-to-high knob. We show you in this video a nice little trick involving steaming the hot buns so they end up being wonderfully soft and delicious, just ready for your hungry customers. 

Don't Forget About the Extras!

We've shown you three perfect pieces of equipment for your hot dog business but there's a lot more you can purchase with us.

From our hog dog cart, water heater and toaster grill to accessories like a branded umbrella, deck chairs, pavement signs, flag, poster, chalk board and even stickers, we provide you with everything you could ever need. Let's not forget about wearables like a branded shirt, apron and cap. Yes, we've thought of absolutely everything!

Hot Dog Franchise UK with The Sausage Man

As you can see, we have all the equipment, extras and wearables you'd need for your hot dog franchise in the UK. The Sausage Man has been importing German premium products to the UK for over 10 years now and everything we import is of the highest quality and standards.

Hot Dog Equipment List

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