An Exciting Hot Dog Topping:
Crispy Fried Onions!

The Sausage Man has been a wholesale hot dogs UK supplier together with premium German sausages and products for over 10 years now. Part of our product range includes an exciting range of wholesale hot dog toppings. For further information please call our sales department today on 020 8857 9957.

Jazz Up Your Hot Dogs!

Hot dogs are a great, easy to make food that can unfortunately get a little stale and unexciting sometimes. Fortunately, it's simple enough to seriously jazz them up by adding different toppings to them. If you're on the hunt for something you may not have tried before, crispy fried onions just might be the perfect hot dog topping you can ever throw into the mix. They taste great and can provide a better texture than almost anything else you might be able to choose.

It's All About the Texture

Texture is far more important in food than people realise. There's a certain degree of "just right" that comes when the ingredients of a particular dish all compliment one another in just the right way. Think about pizza for a moment and what a lot of the most common complaints are when it doesn't come out right; the crust is either too hard and cardboard-like or too soft and under-cooked. Texture accounts for so much, and you won't find a finer example of that than in the toppings people tend to love on their hot dogs.

Crispy Onions Will Sell Like Crazy

Sure, the likes of coleslaw, chilli, and a whole mess of mustard and ketchup taste great on hot dogs, but it can all get pretty messy after a while. No one likes eating a bunch of mush, no matter how fantastic the taste is. Crispy onions are a way to keep your hot dogs from being an unpleasant food to get down. The mere act of actually eating a hot dog carefully constructed with a small handful of fried onions is far more pleasant than if it were only piled high with soft, sloppy toppings that are getting all over the place. The flavour of the onions provides just enough kick without overpowering as well. If you want the perfect hot dog topping, look no further!

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