Hot Dogs for Sale in Bulk Wholesale and Other Premium Products: Watch Out for Our Monthly Promos!

Yes, that's right; every month we promote two of our premium quality products. When it comes to hot dogs and German sausages, we're the company to talk to! Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

For more information on hot dogs for sale in bulk please visit the page. We run our promos on a monhtly basis. Customers don't get to choose the products we promote but you're welcome to leave suggestions, please get in touch.

Watch Out for Our Monthly Promos!

Always 2 Premium Quality Products

As German hot dogs and sausages suppliers we simply know what's best in terms of the products we sell. Our products have been imported from award winning butchers in Germany. The premium quality and high standards of our products can be attested throughout the UK: we supply everywhere within the country. Read our testimonials and see for yourself.

A while ago we decided to start promoting some of our products in order to give you a chance to try them at lower prices. This is a great opportunity for businesses to check out our hot dogs and German sausages; this way you'll get to know if they're right for your business. Occasionally we promote other German products too, like our fabulous schnitzel, spaetzle, hot dog toppings, etc.

Different Products on a Monthly Basis

We always offer different products within the 12 month period, that way you get a chance to try a variety. Our hot dogs for sale in bulk wholesale have been made with the best ingredients; the quality is simply outstanding. You can order smaller quantities too, please get in touch for more information about this. We also offer free delivery over a certain amount, please do enquire about this as well.

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We take into account the time of year when it comes to promoting our fantastic products. With such a wide range, we're happy to offer seasonal products (Oktoberfest, Christmas, etc).

We strongly encourage you to take on some of the promotions if a product is of interest to you. These prices will only be available at the time of the promotion, so do keep an eye when receiving our emails!

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We have been importing our premium quality hot dogs and German sausages for over ten years now. We really take pride in importing these high quality products. 

If you'd like to receive our promotions please sign into our email list. Send us an message by going to the contact page letting us know your email address and we will add you to the promotions list. As soon as you're included you'll be receiving our monthly promotions! Please note we also send offers from time to time.

Email Us Which Products You'd Like Us to Promote!

Although we can't promise we will be able to promote the products you suggest, we will try our best to do so. If there's a particular product you're interested in and/or you'd like us to import from Germany please do let us know. Also note that we do supply custom size hot dogs and sausages. Get in touch for more information on this.

The Sausage Man: Premium Quality Hot Dogs & German Sausages

Our first class hot dogs, German sausages and other premium products are well known in the UK. If you're looking into purchasing hot dogs wholesale at premium quality and unbeatable prices, we're your company!

If you're interested in buying hot dogs for sale in bulk with The Sausage Man please find the contact details below. Don't forget to download our products brochure!

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Our wholesale gourmet hot dogs have been made 
with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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