Käsekrainer UK: The Sausage with Cheese Inside that All Customers Love!

The Kasekrainer is one of the most exciting and tasty sausage on the market. It first began gaining popularity in the 1980s in Austria and has since become a worldwide sausage phenomenon. It is a hearty sausage with melted cheese inside that oozes with flavour. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

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The Käsekrainer

If you are looking for way to spice up your catering business with new flavours and premium quality the Käsekrainer is the way to go!

The Käsekrainer or cheese sausage became prominent in Austria in the 1980s. It is a variation on the traditional sausage and is made using a small amount of cheese usually cut in to cubes. It is a sausage that can now be found at most reputable German and Austrian hot dog stands and has continued to gain popularity since its creation.

Kasekrainer UK

As the cheese begins to melt on the inside of the sausage it mixes deliciously with the meat to provide the customer with a delightful surprise as they eat. One can either grill, bake or boil a Käsekrainer and it is important to avoid the heat becoming too ferocious from the outset otherwise the inside will remain cold.

Alongside a piece of bread and a condiment of your choice, such as mustard or ketchup, the Käsekrainer is transformed into a hearty and wonderful meal that will appeal to all your customer base. It can even be served with curry on top, as the Austrians do.

If your Käsekrainer is prepared well and cooked correctly, you are in for a treat and should not hesitate to branch out more and explore the many varieties of sausage that The Sausage Man supplies.

A Truly Exciting Product

The Käsekrainer is the perfect addition to your catering business. It is a quick and easy way to grab the attention of your customers and gain new interest in your business.

Whilst the traditional hot dog or German sausage is reliable and sturdy, the Käsekrainer is innovative and exciting. Most importantly it is delicious! If you are bored of serving the same product, then the Käsekrainer may be the sausage for you.

We are delighted to be able to provide a sausage that is both well priced and delicious.

Cheese-Filled Joy!

There is no doubt that the Käsekrainer can become a hot new trend within many catering business. If you are tired of the traditional sausage and are looking to outsmart your competitors the Käsekrainer may be the solution for you.

The cheesy goodness the Käsekrainer provides is certifiable delicious and sure to excite your customers. If this has peaked your interest then you should check out the other sausages that The Sausage Man provides and the amazing variety of products throughout our website.

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