Learn About Black Forest Ham, One of Our Delicious Specialties!

Black Forest ham (product page here) has proven time and time again to be a very popular ham because of its flavour and quality. In this article we cover the basis regarding what you should know about this particular product. We will look at different characteristics and also storage - something you should keep in mind if you’re planning on purchasing this delicious cold meat from The Sausage Man.

1. Black Forest Ham — Why is it So Popular?

Ok, we need to say that type particular type of ham is very well known for its aroma. This is a boneless, raw and cured ham. It is also known for its fatty find rind. This helps the ham not dry out too fast, so the ring serves and incredibly important purpose.

2. Storing The Ham

One of the best things about Black Forest ham is you can keep it for months, but you will need need to store it properly. You’ll need to hang the ham in a a dry and cool room, always placing the ham in a linen bag. Please do make sure you DON’T store the ham in your fridge! Use cling film to seal the surface that was cut, and try to always use a sharp knife to cut the ham in thin slices, as this will ensure that the ham's full aroma will develop

Cut Ham: You can store cut ham in the fridge and it should last for a few days. It can be stored in grease-proof paper or in its original packaging. Ideally, you should take the ham out about an hour before eating it.

3. Taste And Nutrition

It is a known fact that this type of ham has a fantastic flavour and it is top of its game. Black Forest ham doesn't contain a lot of salt and with not much fat in it it is popular cold meat. It’s also worth mentioning that the meat contains several B-vitamins, as well as various minerals, which include phosphorus, iron, calcium, iron, magnesium and proteins.

4. Where Is It Produced?

This type of ham is produced in the Black Forest region in Germany. Moreover, this area is the only place the ham can be produced, something the European Union has certified. The traditional production process is also protected by the European Union.

There's a great website here for all you need to know about Black Forest ham.

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As you can see, Black Forest ham tastes great, it is easy to store and the EU protects the traditional production process involved with it. If you're interested in ordering this type of ham, you can purchase it at The Sausage Man, as we only sell the authentic Black Forest Ham. Place an order today or call us for more information.