Wholesale Mulled Wine Kit

Mulled Wine Kit Wholesale UK:
Ours is Made in Bavaria!

For those catering businesses looking for wholesale prices make sure to buy mulled wine with us this year. Ours is the real thing: authentic Bavarian mulled wine full of glory & spice!

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Mulled Wine at Christmas is... Well, Simply a Must

As mulled wine suppliers in the UK we bring you a fantastic mulled wine kit at fantastic wholesale prices. It is easy to mix, it makes 10.75l of beautiful mulled wine at 7.0% volume.

We are well known for the quality of our products. Each and every German product we import to the UK has been carefully chosen by us to make sure quality at standard is always superb.

We did the same with our mulled wine: we picked a great quality product that we could import to the UK while being able to offer an unbeatable price, as we do with all of our products.

A Perfect Look & Taste

We have made sure that our wine has a perfect look and taste.

  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial flavours
  • Quality ingredients, made with Aronia and Elderberries
  • Great taste and unbeatable price

Hire Our Copper Mulled Wine Heater for Only £5 Per Day!

That's right. You can hire our stunning 20l Copper Mulled Wine Heater for only £5 per day. It will really add a luxurious Christmas feel to your premises. Or you can buy the heater from us for £399.

Maybe you want to test it first; give it a go for the low hiring price and check out how it goes. You might find that it is worth the investment. If you're not sure just contact us and we will be very happy to advice you. 

Mulled Wine Kit at £27.95 (11 Litres) 

We think the kit is definitely worth investing in. Being such a popular drink at Christmas it will delight your customers.

Our wine has been produced with the best quality ingredients and infused with wonderful spices to achieve that perfect warmth so reminiscence of the Christmas period. Its aroma is part of the Christmas trademark in many places. We think your customers will love it. 

There is not doubt that its sweet, aromatic and tasty flavour will delight many of your customers in no time!

Watch How the Mulled Wine Is Made... Really Easy!

Mulled Wine Tasting at The Sausage Man's Headquarters...

Interested in buying our mulled wine kit? Give us a call today and we will advise you.

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