Oktoberfest Sausages with The Sausage Man

logoOktoberfest is getting recognised as a major festivity all over the world.

Oktoberfest was born back in 1810 when Prince Ludwig got married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The event took place during the month of October and has been celebrated ever since.

We always hope for good weather during this month; being close to the winter time it can easily fall into gloomy or darker days.

Still, Oktoberfest is a lot of fun and can turn any event into a great success. Expect lots of beer, people looking fabulous in their Lederhosen, and, of course, plenty of German sausages.

Beer, Lederhosen & Dirndl

Oktoberfest_GirlMillions of people gather in the fairs in Germany as this is a huge event.

Even outside Germany, no Oktoberfest can claim to be the real thing without men wearing lederhosen and girls in their dirndls.

The Leaderhosen is a traditional garment and even though it was formerly worn as working clothes, it is nowadays worn as simple leisurewear.

The beautiful dirndl is a traditional dress which has been based on the peasant costumes. It falls below the knee and looks very sweet with its bodice and apron.

Pretzels & Sausages

Muenchner_BreznThere are many dishes to try and we can honestly say there’s a lot more to this festive party other than beer.

Pretzels are a wonderful snack that is usually placed in big baskets and enjoyed by many people. Typical Oktoberfest ones are soft and called Brez’n, which are famous in Bavaria.

There is plenty of meat to enjoy at Oktoberfest but the German sausage is the king when it comes to traditional food. This festival is not the same without the wonderful Weisswurst. And don’t worry about when is the ‘right time’ to eat your wonderful German sausages, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, they will always be fantastic!

Get Your Oktoberfest Sausages with the Sausage Man

german_sausage_bratwurstWe deliver a great amount of sausages to many of the Oktoberfest parties that take place here in the United Kingdom.

We only bring the best products from Germany – which we do on a weekly basis.

What arrives at your establishment is an award winning sausage that will delight your clients or customers.

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