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We Think Our Bacon Frankfurter/Krakauer Hot Dog Sausage is the Best in Town!

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Yep, We Love Our Delicious American Hot Dog with a Twist! 

Customers are raving with the delicious bacon frankfurter!

We've come up with an irresistible recipe that our customers love. They go crazy for the flavour the bits of bacon add to this fabulous frankfurter. It's packed with juice and texture, the perfect hot dog for every occasion. Because of our premium quality products they love to order this particular sausage when it comes to delivering high standards. This sausage is also known as 'Krakauer'.

Popularity of this Hot Dog

The Krakauer is definitely very popular in Germany, but the UK has really taken it on. Why? This is like an American hot dog with the German twist: the fatty bits add such flavour to this product, the result is a succulent sausage that is simply mouthwatering. What we've done is give the 'regular hot dog' an incredible makeover to come up with this successful formula everyone loves.

Chopped Bacon and Extra Herbs for Enhanced Flavour

We started importing our bacon frankfurter back in 2008, which is quite some time ago. We knew that in order to be able to impress our customers we had to create something with a twist, an offer that people couldn't refuse. Our competitive prices together with the value of each sausage in terms of the quality of the ingredients is just unbeatable. In short: we came up with a winner that's not easy to beat!

Nowadays, coming up with winning formulas and great products is a must. There are many different sources that keep talking about how it is important to stand out in what can become a saturated market. Being part of a product-led era means we need to make sure that our products are the best within our sector. Being good is just not enough!

Try Your Own Custom Size

That's right; you can have your own custom sizes (we do this with most of our hot dogs and German sausages). Just tell us what the perfect size is for your catering business and we will provide them for you. Our sausages are very good when you need a gourmet / high quality product for your business. See this article, this article and this article. You can either sell as a hot dog on its own or as part of a dish. If the latter is something that interests you, please check out (and download) our brochure so you can see what other products that we offer could go well with this tasty bacon frankfurter! (You will find the brochure download link on the menu above).

6 Months Shelf Life & Cooking Options

I hear you love our tasty bacon frankfurter? We don't blame you, we love it too! (And this is not us overestimating it - we do eat our hot dogs and sausages at lunch time at the office regularly!). For best results, we recommend you boil it for 2 minutes and then grill it for 3. Perfect! Here's a video if you want to know about boiling frankfurters and here's a video if you want to learn about grilling them.

100% Gluten Free

Our wholesale bacon hot dog is 100% gluten free. With a distinctive smokey flavour it is just a difficult sausage to resist. If you'd like to know more about gluten free diets please check out this link.

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Our bacon frankfurters are 100% gluten FREE
with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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