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What makes The Sausage Man's Hot Dogs & Sausages the Best Choice for Your Business!

Biased? Well, we do think so! We import incredibly good sausages from Germany on a weekly basis. They're fresh, they're gorgous, they're wholesale products so the pricing is always low. We TRULY believe our products are the best around. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

As hot dog sausage wholesalers we strive to advice you on your catering business needs. Please get in touch and we will be happy to help you!

Questions & answers with The Sausage Man on what makes their products the best for your business.

The Sausage Man is well known in the UK for its premium quality German hot dogs & sausages and high quality German products in general. Many people would know what ticks the Germans when it comes to their hot dogs and popular street food - there's no doubt that their products are very well known worldwide. 

Having been importing their gourmet sausages for over 10 years now, they pride themselves in being the quintessential German hot dogs & sausages importers in the UK. Their wholesale prices are second to none when it comes to the unbeatable taste and quality the products have. It is no joke that their range of customers rave about their products, The Sausage Man has become synonym of premium UK hot dog suppliers!

Q. Which hot dogs and sausages are your speciality?

Traditional German hot dogs and original sausages from heart of the country. All our sausages come from dedicated butchers; award winning businesses that make sure each and every product is the best at the time of producing it. 

Q. Why do you think the right hot dogs & sausages can make a difference to a business?

Choosing quality over quantity is like choosing the right car: the better the quality of the vehicle the longer it will last. Like with our hot dogs and sausages, the products themselves pay off in the long run! 

Q. Name the three hot dogs and/or sausages you provide that many catering business could benefit from.

Without the shadow of a doubt: the bacon frankfurter (with delicious bacon 'bits'), our glorious beef chili frankfurter (nice and spicy), and, last but not least: the fantastic, original Thuringer bratwurst! 3 products to die for - a total must!

Q. Why should a catering business choose your hot dogs and sausages over other dedicated providers?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, that's why we always offer quality over quantity - you can't beat that! We can keep at that for the next 25 years for sure! 

Q. What type of catering businesses could benefit from your products?

There's definitely many types of businesses that can benefit from the our fantastic premium products: restaurants, hot dog stalls, catering services, take away shops, outdoor caterers, hot dog companies, wholesalers, ice cream vans, party services and even wedding caterers! Any catering business that cares about the quality of their hot dogs and sausages can most definitely benefit from The Sausage Man's products.

If you're interested in ordering gourmet hot dogs and German sausages from The Sausage Man, please find the contact details below. 

Most of our products are gluten FREE
with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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