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For amazing Vienna beef hot dogs at wholesale prices you need to check out The Sausage Man's stock. Our range is superb, just look at what our customers say about us so you can get an idea of the quality of our products. Read on for more information.

Wholesale Vienna beef hot dogs suppliers consider this hot dog one to be one of their top products

What Makes a Hot Dog a Real Beauty

A hot dog is much more than just a sausage in a bun. It needs to be tasty, juicy and packed with flavour. It needs to be of considerable length in order to be a good meal on its own. Hot dogs are not snacks, they're delicious as part of a meal and they should be considered as a high quality product when purchased from dedicated wholesalers like we are.

Having been importing to the UK for many years now, we know exactly what make people tick when it comes to delicious hot dog and sausages. We advice catering businesses also when they're interested in our products but are not sure where to get started. Have a look here at our hot dog equipment page.

Always Trust the Company you Buy From

Cheap hot dogs can be bought anywhere - but if your catering business is a serious one and you want people to come back for more, you need to provide them with excellent choices. Buying cheap meat is never a good idea and businesses should always be providing their customers with the best possible quality ingredients, products and finished meals.

Our customers have been coming back for more from us for many years now - once they taste products from The Sausage Man they know they're getting excellent value for an unbeatable price. We invite you to try our Vienna beef hot dogs and test it with your customers. They'll love it - we're sure of this because of the incredible effort we go through when choosing and importing our products!

Award Winning are the Words!

We go to any lengths to bring the best products from Germany to the UK. We choose award winning butchers for this very reason. Before bringing products in we make sure that many things fall into place: quality of the meat, taste, flavour, texture, etc. It is a lengthy process that pays off. 

When you buy from us you're buying high quality standard - products that are not easily available anywhere else.

84% Beef Meat per Sausage!

Each of our Vienna beef hot dogs is PACKED with great quality meat. There is added veal to bring in the juiciness, and rest assured it is 100% pork free. We like to consider this sausage to be 'a steak in a tube'; that's how good it is. 100% allergens free and no fillers. It couldn't get better than that. Oh, but wait, yes, it does: natural sheep casing that provides each bite with the perfect snap. OH, YES!


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