Paprika Sausages: an Interview with The Sausage Man

Now you can buy delicious paprika sausages wholesale with The Sausage Man. Read below what these wholesale sausages UK importers have to say about this product.

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Questions and answers The Sausage Man about their tasty paprika sausages, a product which is part of their extensive premium range.

This sausage is interesting, it looks different to the other sausages in the sense that it has more of a 'chorizo' feel it it. 

Yes, there are quite some similarities to the chorizo sausage, at least the pungent paprika flavour and the meat is coarsely minced.

What are the actual ingredients?

116% pork meat, chili and paprika. When its being smoked, it will shrinks to its size as all the water disappears, hence the meatiness.

Can it be eaten cold (is it pre-cooked?) What is the best way to prepare this particular sausage or is there a particular way to do so?

It can be eaten cold as a snack sausage, but it is also very good on its own as well as a perfect addition in any stew or pizza topping.

As a sausage specialist, how do you think this particular one 'sits' with the rest of the products? Is it more of a 'side dish' / apéritif or would you say it has the calibre to lead a fleshed out meal? (As, for example, a Bratwurst can)

Well, this little banger is packed full of flavour and meat and can easily compete with its big brothers. As the weight its only 80g, some people have a double in one bun.

Where is this sausage originally from?

Our particular paprika sausage comes from the South of Germany, but they are also known in Hungary.

For the curious, can you 'explain' what it tastes like?

When it’s cooked it does taste very meaty and a bit salty with the pungent paprika flavour. Uncooked, the texture is softer and one can taste the smokiness; the flavour is milder.

Why did you add this sausage to your product range? And how long have you been importing it?

This particular sausage has been in our range from the very beginning. We have been importing it for around ten years now.

What sort of customer/business should or must have this sausage as part of their range.

Basically, everyone should try it because it is very versatile and tasty. It is a particular favourite with the pubs as it goes perfectly well with a pint of beer.

I'm assuming the paprika sausage is also gluten free, as are the others (except the vegan hot dog). Is this the case?

Absolutely. It is gluten-free and it is also our sausage with the highest meat content.

If caterers feel unsure about the success this product may have within their sausage selection, can they order a sample box? And, if so, what is the minimum amount of sausages they can order?

Everyone can order a sample box to find out what our products are like. We usually send out 3x sausages of each our most popular products which are about 6 in total.

Do you think this product deserves more attention in the UK as a fine specimen of a sausage? How popular is it in Germany compared to the other more 'well known' hot dogs and sausages?

We do think it deserves more attention over here. Those who have tried it know the quality and it is already popular with many chefs for its taste and versatility.

It is very popular in the southern parts of Germany, however, there are similar sausages available in other parts of the country too. You know Germany is a paradise with a very big choice when it comes to sausages.

Level of heat. There are different types of paprika, is this sausage particularly hot? (Or medium or mild)?

I would grade it as rather medium in heat but very flavoursome overall.

Do interested customers need to order in advance in order for you to import it or do you always have available stock at The Sausage Man's warehouse?

We always carry enough stock of the paprika sausage. However, should we run out, we always carry frozen stock for back-up as we do not like to disappoint any of our customers. However, should you require larger amounts, it is advisable to pre-order as we produce all our sausages in Germany.

This sausage is probably delicious. I hope timid caterers do give it a try if they haven'd done so yet. What would you say to them if they have given this product a thought but never actually took action in terms of ordering it?

I would always say that our paprika sausage is the German version of a chorizo sausage. That will give caterers a better idea of its character. I would say, try it at least once.

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