Easy Gans – German Roast Goose

Sous Vide cooked | 2.2kg Half Roast Goose | Best Before Date: 01/09/2021

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Extremely tasty and easy to prepare, German Roast Goose is essential for Christmas feasts across Germany. Weihnachtsgans made easy in the UK.

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German Roast Goose

Extremely tasty and easy to prepare, this German Roast Half Goose is an essential for any German Christmas feast. Usually served with Kartoffelklöße and Rotkohl. You can get everything you need to hold your own German Christmas dinner this year from The Sausage Man.

Free Range Goose

The feeding of our geese consists of 100% vegetable food rich in minerals and vitamins. Our geese have access to an outdoor exercise area during at least half of their lives and have their own pace of development what gives that special taste.

Sausage Man Xmas

We love Weihnachtsfest at The Sausage Man, so we’re very pleased to have this Easy Gans (Easy Goose) option for tables this Christmas. If you’re cooking for yourself or a small group, the Easy Gans makes Christmas dinner preparation a lot quicker and less complicated. Save time, not taste, this Christmas with this delicious quick to cook Half Roast Goose.

Gans Made Easy

This traditional German Roast Half Goose is precooked sous vide and so is extremely tender, making it a breeze to prepare for your Weihnachtsfest. Ready in just 45 minutes, this Roast Goose Half can be prepared in a fraction of the time it would take you to make it from scratch. Even th delivious sauce is made in no time. Spend less time cooking this Christmas, and more time enjoying the holidays, with this fantastic German Roast Goose!

Real Weihnachtsgans

German Roast Goose, known as “Weihnachtsgans” in Germany – literally meaning “Christmas Goose”. In Germany Goose is one of the most popular types of poultry consumed at Christmas. This Half Gans (Half Goose) has been sus vide in advance. All you need to do is pop it in the oven to heat it up. Weighing in at 2.2kg, on the bone, this Roast Half Goose can serve 2 to four people for your Christmas dinner.


Germany has a longstanding tradition of celebrating Christmas in style. From the beautiful Christkindlmarkets, ornate Christmas decorations and crafts, to the traditions in German communities and homes. Food is of huge importance to any German Christmas party. This Roast Half Goose is authentic German fare, and will help you celebrate Weihnachtsfest here in the UK. Want to find out more about what Christmas is like in Germany? You can learn all about Weihnachtsfest on Wikipedia here.

What is “Sous Vide”?

Sous-vide cooking is a cooking method in which the product is cooked in a special vacuum-sealed bag and then placed in a water or steam bath to cook. This cooking process is very gentle on the roast goose. The low heat makes the cooking result particularly tender and juicy. The juice stays in the food until the pouch is opened for consumption or further processing. Meat cooked “Sous-vide” has more flavour because nothing of the good stuff can escape during cooking.

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Product handling

Cooking Instructions

Take the goose out of the fridge one hour before preparing it. Remove the goose from the bag. Place skin side up on a baking sheet. Coat the goose with any leftover juices or fat from the bag.

Heat oven to 175°C (Fan) or 200°C (Convection). Cook the goose for 30 minutes. Remove the goose from the pan, and set aside. Carefully pour the juices from the pan through a sieve and into a measuring jug, then return the goose to the pan. Put the goose back in the oven for another 15 minutes until golden-brown.

Meanwhile, heat 350 ml of water until it starts to boil. Add the enclosed sauce powder and whisk. Add 250ml of the collected goose juices and stir into the sauce. Bring to the boil briefly and you’re done.

Serve the roasted goose and Guten Appetit!

Gourmet tip: sauté 50g onion cubes in butter and add 50ml of red wine to the sauce.

Side Dish Recommendation

Red Cabbage and Potato Dumplings.

Shelf life

See best before date on product.


Once defrosted use within 3-5 days.

Nutritional information


Half a goose, water, iodized table salt (table salt, potassium iodate), seasoning, Poultry meat extract, poultry meat powder, flavours, sugar, palm fat <0.2%, yeast extract, modified starch, spices, vinegar, stabilizer E415, orange peel. Ingredients sauce powder: palm fat, WHEAT FLOUR, starch, modified starch, yeast extract, Iodized salt, tomato paste, vegetable protein (WHEAT), caramel (sugar, glucose syrup), Spices, sugar, flavouring, emulsifier E471.

Allergen advice

Contains GLUTEN



Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1106
Energy (Kcal) 263
Fat 8.4g
Carbohydrate <0.5g
of which sugars <0.5g
Protein 19g
Salt 1.1g

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