Happy Father’s Day Beer Box Sticker (19cm x 16cm)


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Alles Gute Zum Vatertag!

These Medium sized “Happy Father’s Day” (Alles Gute Zum Vatertag) stickers are perfect for gifting Sausage Man beer crates this 20 June! Add this to your basket if you want to buy Dad a crate of German Craft Beer for Father’s Day.

Made For Engel Beer Boxes

At 19cm x 16cm, these stickers are made for the lids of our 9 packs of Engel Craft Beer. Though a large sticker is provided automatically for all Father’s Day Bundles purchased (at no extra charge), if you want anything else stickered you will need to add these to your basket. These stickers are exclusive to the Sausage Man, and are available in limited quantities up until the 20 June 2021.

Supplied Loose In Pack (Not Pre-applied)

These Father’s Day Beer Box Stickers are supplied loose in your order – not applied to the box as pictured. This is because we don’t want to tip off anyone prematurely to the nature of the parcel delivered – if your gift is a surprise, you don’t have to worry about dad seeing it early. It’s also because you may want to apply the sticker to something other than your beer box order, and we wanted to let you have the freedom to apply it how and where you want it.

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