Home Bar Bundle

5L Keg, 2 Bottles of German Craft Beer, 1 Apple Wine, Sausages & More (18+)



Home Bar Bundle

We know that many of us have been busy improving our home social spaces over the last year, with home bar popularity skyrocketing across the country – and the world. At The Sausage Man we’ve been embracing the craze as well, we’ve just got a beautiful custom bar top (see it soon on our YouTube channel) and this bundle is made up of all our favourite bar-related products.

What’s in your Home Bar Bundle?

It’s not often that we put beer before sausage, but this bundle is different to anything we’ve ever done before. Starting out with one of our fantastic 5 Litre Kegs of Engel Gold, we have also added in a bottle of Engel Keller Pils (now also available as a 5 ltr Keg, by the way) and a bottle of Hefeweizen Dunkel. We’re also including the brand new Mozers “Moschd Up” Apple Wine – a still craft German Cider that has to be tasted to be believed!

What about the sausage?

Our flagship Bratwurst XXL is in here, of course! As are the Krakauer Bacon and fiery Chilli Beef Frankfurters. Create the ultimate hot dog with a sprinkle of sauerkraut and a splash of delicious sauces – Curry and Tomato Ketchup. You’ll also have Pork Hot Dogs and Mini Nurnberger, which both make great bar snacks.

Top Tip: the Engel Hefeweizen Dunkel pairs extremely well with the roasted pork knuckle.

Bundle up at Home

We know that now the pubs are open again getting out and about is the order of the day. But if, like us, you’re having a hard time getting booked in at your favourite boozer then your home bar is the next best thing! With measures easing even further soon, we hope you’ll have many great nights in with your friends and family – and that you stay safe while you do so. This bundle is a great option for home, garden and shed, bar enthusiasts alike and comes at a great saving from the sold separately price!

Over 18s Only. Please drink responsibly.

For more nutritional information about each of the items in this bundle, please refer to their individual product pages.


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Engel Gold Keg German Craft Beer

5l Keg | 5.4% ABV | Best Before Date: 25/02/2022

Traditional German Craft Beer by Engel. The delightful appeal of Engel Gold lies in its malty body and subtly Bitterness undertones. A hint of sweetness underscores and emphasises the exquisite balance of this German Craft Beer.

Alcohol: 5.4 %  Vol.

Over 18s Only. Please Drink Responsibly.

In stock

Engel Hefeweizen Dunkel (Dark Wheat) Unfiltered German Craft Beer

bottle of 500ml | Best Before Date: 01/01/2022

A fantastic, malty body gives our traditional dark Hefeweizen German Craft Beer its distinctive taste. This chocolate-coloured wheat beer combines a fresh aroma and fresh taste, lending it a pleasant and harmonious finish.

Alcohol: 5.2 %  Vol.

Over 18s Only. Please Drink Responsibly.

In stock

Engel Keller Pils Unfiltered Organic German Craft Beer

500ml bottle | Best Before Date: 02/11/2021

Surprisingly fine citrus notes. Outstanding combination of Spalter Perle, Spalter Magnum and Spalter Select hops give this bright yellow beer a fine aftertaste. A fantastically indulgent German Craft Beer – naturally cloudy and unfiltered. Matured for five full weeks deep down in the cellars, in classic twin tanks

Alcohol: 4.9 %  Vol.

Over 18s Only. Please Drink Responsibility.

In stock

Moschd Up - Apple Wine (Cider)

8% ABV | bottle of 750ml

In stock

Bratwurst XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 20/04/2022

Bratwurst - A traditional German sausage. Natural casing for the great snap with a lovely pork filling. Perfect on a BBQ!

In stock

Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter 28cm

160g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 20/09/2022

Chilli Beef Frankfurter - The ultimate all beef frankfurter with fiery chilli flakes, creating a spicy sausage with a serious kick.

In stock

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 12/05/2022

A signature dog of the Sausage Man. Beautifully smoked pork frankfurter with bacon bits, that provides outstanding texture and flavour.

In stock

Bratwurst Original Nürnberger Mini 8cm

20g | Pack of 10 | Best Before Date: 13/12/2021

In stock

Schweinshaxe – Roasted Pork Knuckle

650g | Pack Of 1 | Best Before Date: 27/02/2022

In stock

Hainich Sauerkraut

German Fermented Cabbage | 720 ml, 650 g | Tin | Best Before Date: 30/11/2023

In stock

Homann - Tomato Ketchup

875ml | Squeezy Bottle | Best Before Date: 17/09/2021

In stock

Homann - Curry Ketchup

875ml | Squeezy Bottle | Best Before Date: 12/10/2021

In stock

Pretzel - the German Original 15cm

100g | Bag of 6 | Best Before Date: 15/08/2021

A ready baked, German salty pretzel.

In stock

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