Quittenbrand – Quince Brandy

40% vol. | bottle of 500ml


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Quince Brandy

A lot of apple and pear quinces are used to produce this Quince Brandy. You distill a small amount spirit from a large amount of fruit – this creates a long process. The quince is a hard-to-reach fruit with firm meat, the taste is incomparably. Soft quince is independent in the world of fruit flavours, you can recognize it immediately. This Brandy, however, pushes the senses to extremes, because intense aroma’s are enveloped in a soft and full creaminess, that’s really unique.


Soft, Creamy, Quincy.

Mozers Spirits

Named as one of the Top 10 Distilleries in the world in 2021.

This family owned business, nestled in the Hohenlohe area, grow most of their own produce and then craft it into deliciously exclusive brandies, gins, kirsch and liqueurs.

Over 18s Only. Please Drink Responsibly.