Student BBQ Bundle

3 Packs of Sausage, 3 Craft Beers, Sauces & Toppings

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Student BBQ Bundle

BBQ season is on it’s way, so it’s time to get in the spirit with this student BBQ Bundle. No need to scrimp and scrape, this selection will provide you with all you need to make your BBQ on par with the very best. Our BBQ sausages are bound to get your friends talking. And of course, no student BBQ would be complete without a couple of German craft beers. Grab the coals or fire up the gas, crack open a beer and start off the BBQ season the right way.

What’s in the Box?

All of your BBQ essentials are included in this Student BBQ bundle. Firstly, the Bratwurst which is a classic all rounder for the BBQ. In fact we believe all BBQ’s should include the great Bratwurst. For something a little different give the Cheese Frankfurters a go. Plus the small but mighty Nurnbergers to top of your sausage feast. Get your housemates involved and enjoy Germany’s finest at your next BBQ gathering. Unsure on where to host your BBQ? No problem, stick the sausages on the grill and create the BBQ atmosphere indoors.

Perfect Pairings

To finish off the perfect student BBQ you need the perfect toppings. A couple of classic sauces go a long way, the hot dog sauce is sure to be a popular choice. Create a lavish gourmet hot dog with a topping of our succulent pulled pork pop inside a classic hot dog roll the taste is incredible and sure to a be a win among your fellow students. Then you need the a delicious Engel Beer to swig alongside this tasty selection. The Keller Pils is the perfect accompaniment whilst relaxing and enjoying the BBQ. After that, get the party started with the Engel gold! Now let’s get grilling!

Over 18s Only. Please drink responsibly.

For more nutritional information about each of the items in this bundle, please refer to their individual product pages.


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Bratwurst XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 20/04/2022

Bratwurst - A traditional German sausage. Natural casing for the great snap with a lovely pork filling. Perfect on a BBQ!

In stock

Cheese Frankfurter XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 08/01/2022

The ultimate frankfurter for any cheese lover. A perfect blend of beechwood smoked pork frankfurter and creamy Emmental cheese. The best cheese dog.

In stock

Pork Hot Dog 14cm × 2

75g | Pack of 4 | Best Before Date: 19/06/2021

In stock

Bratwurst Original Nürnberger Mini 8cm

20g | Pack of 10 | Best Before Date: 20/12/2021

In stock

BBQ Pulled Pork

300g | Pack | Best Before Date: 19/02/2022

In stock

Homann - Hot Dog Sauce

450ml | Squeezy Bottle | Best Before Date: 30/09/2021

Our wonderfully aromatic hot dog sauce, is the perfect topping for any hot dog. With its fine sweet onions, it also rounds off burgers and steaks.

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Classic Jumbo Vegan Hot Dog Roll 19cm

95g | Bag of 6 | Best Before Date: 01/04/2022

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Engel Keller Pils Unfiltered Organic German Craft Beer

500ml bottle | Best Before Date: 02/11/2021

Surprisingly fine citrus notes. Outstanding combination of Spalter Perle, Spalter Magnum and Spalter Select hops give this bright yellow beer a fine aftertaste. A fantastically indulgent German Craft Beer – naturally cloudy and unfiltered. Matured for five full weeks deep down in the cellars, in classic twin tanks

Alcohol: 4.9 %  Vol.

Over 18s Only. Please Drink Responsibility.

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Engel Dunkel (Dark) German Craft Beer

bottle of 500ml | Best Before Date: 04/11/2021

A substantial, well-rounded body with a smooth and supple finish – a dark German Craft Beer as it should be! A true delight, with a wonderfully assembled bouquet of malts and a slight hint of smoky aromas.

Alcohol: 5.3 %  Vol.

Over 18s Only. Please Drink Responsibly.

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Engel Gold German Craft Beer

bottle of 500 ml | Best Before Date: 18/11/2021

Traditional German Craft Beer by Engel. The delightful appeal of Engel Gold lies in its malty body and subtly Bitterness undertones. A hint of sweetness underscores and emphasises the exquisite balance of this German Craft Beer.

Alcohol: 5.4 %  Vol.

Over 18s Only. Please Drink Responsibly.

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