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The Sausage Man Small Best Price Family BBQ pack

£37.79 £29.90


These are some of our bestsellers, bundled for you.

Enjoy the BBQ time with these famous German products!

For nutritional information and allergy advice, please look at the individual product pages.

This bundle is on offer, because some of the products have a short best before date which is displayed which each product.

Best before does not mean it cannot be consumed after that date. A best before date is an indicator of the quality of a product, whereby being frozen for a long time can cause some products to change colour slightly. However, this is perfectly normal and doesn’t affect the safe consumption of the product. Our frozen sausages can be eaten months after the best before date.

Read more: Food Standard Agency

German Bratwurst XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 10 | Best Before Date: 30/06/2020

In stock

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 10 | Best Before Date: 20/06/2020

In stock

Beef Hot Dog 26cm

110g | Pack of 10 | Best Before Date: 25/11/2020

In stock

German Mustard

875ml | Squeezy Bottle

In stock

Tomato Ketchup

875ml | Squeezy Bottle

In stock