Pulled Pork: a Tasty Hot Dog Topping!

Many catering and food related businesses look for something unique, exciting or simply a little different to offer their customers. If you have added hot dogs, frankfurters or other types of sausages to your menu, why not also add an exciting hot dog topping like pulled pork? We provide businesses with wholesale pulled pork as hot dog topping.

The Hot Dog: Loved by Most People

The hot dog is loved by most people. It's great for any special event, be it birthdays, parties, anniversaries, kids events, etc. It's also great for things like barbecues and other family get-togethers. And, it can also serve as a quick meal when you don't have the time to cook something more elaborate.

Yet for all the versatility of a hot dog, many people don't consider the toppings. They go for the normal, every day toppings almost every time. You see plenty of hot dogs with onions, ketchup and mustard. But you rarely see someone putting pulled pork on their hot dog, jalapeños or sauerkraut.

The Hot Dog Topping is Key!

This is unfortunate, because, for example, pulled pork can be a fantastic topping for a hot dog. It may seem a bit strange to put meat on your meat, but that already happens when people put chili on their hot dogs. And unlike chili, pulled pork is rather firm. This means that eating hot dogs with pulled pork topping is less messy than using chili. You don't have to worry about the sauce running and dripping all over your clothes.

Pulled pork also gives the hot dog a certain amount of tartness that other toppings don't have. The tart flavour of the barbecue sauce can go great with chopped onions or other common hot dog toppings. And the bread of the hot dog bun can soak up the sauce a bit, leading to a wonderfully tangy taste all the way through.

Offer Something Unique, Tasty, Exciting!

So next time you're going to make hot dogs, consider getting some pulled pork for a topping. It's two great tastes that go great together, and you never know. It may well be the hot dog topping that will be the new favourite at the table!

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